Modern Warfare 2 : Amazing Knife Throw

It’s almost a week since I’ve been playing Modern Warfare 2. Up until I got the game I played it’s predecessor Call of Duty 4 (Modern Warfare 1) every week. I got that game 2 years ago but the follow up, Call of Duty 5: World at War, wasn’t as good. It was ok and I did play it but it was disappointing in many aspects.

Modern Warfare 2 is certainly not a disappointment. They have managed to fix all the little problems that the original had and make arguably the best first person shooter game ever made. I pre ordered the game from play so paid £45 but my friends waited til release day and managed to get it for £26, Though I’m not too bothered about it because of how good the game is.

Have a look at this game winning knife throw. The guy who did it said that he meant it but I’m not so sure. Nevertheless, it’s an unbelievable way to win a match. It’s like getting a hole in one in golf!

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