November 2013 Income Report

Here we are again. It is that time of the month when I look back at how this blog performed in the previous month. I am not someone who checks stats constantly, so this report is normally the first time I see these figures myself. As always, I look at traffic, readership and income.

Due to the launch of RiseForums, I did complete many of the goals I wanted to November such as complete my hosting guide. It is not something I am too disappointed about as I had to spend a lot of time developing RiseForums and I truly believe that project is a higher priority.

Traffic Statistics

In November, I received a slight increase in traffic, much like I did in October. It is nothing for me to get excited about, however it is always good to see numbers go in the right direction; particularly when I did not change my posting frequency.

November 2013 Traffic
  • Visits – 10,831 (+742)
  • Unique Visits – 9,395 (+727)
  • Pageviews – 32,515 (+2,555)

* Difference in traffic from previous month shown in brackets.

Once again, my Alexa rank increased a little. Last month my global Alexa rank was 86,715. It currently stands at 78,381.

Readership & Social Media

You are all aware that I am not active on social media. So it should not come as a surprise that my social media following did not really change.

Income Details

I did not actively seek out any blogging gigs due to working on RiseForums. Also, a regular blogging gig that normally pays me several hundred dollars will not be completed until this week. Therefore, I will not be paid for that until this week.

In total I earned $1,088.84 in November. There are still some positives to take from the month as affiliate income and book sales increased.

  • Freelance Blogging = $656.77 (-$1,773.03)
  • Consultation = None (-$550)
  • My Books – $169.54 (+$43.14). This includes digital and printed book sales.
  • Affiliate Income = $212.53 ($70.41)
  • Advertising Revenue = $50 (-$100)

* Difference in income from previous month show in brackets.


All in all, I am fairly pleased with what I have achieved in November. The launch of RiseForums was time-consuming, however long term, this should be my biggest project. There are some great discussions going on there already and it has been great getting to know members better.

So what is in store for December? My hope is that I publish some good posts here and spend the rest of my time promoting RiseForums and participating there. Due to the holidays, it can be difficult to get some serious work done at the end of the month, so I’ll have to work smart.

I hope you all enjoyed this income report. How was November for you? Did you manage to achieve your goals?


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