Online Ventures – The New Name for My Business YouTube Channel

One month ago, I spoke about changing the direction of my cryptocurrency YouTube channel.

The focus of the channel will now be more in line with the topics I cover on this blog. So I will be sharing my experiences with being a YouTuber, speak about making money online, review products and services I use and more.

Since the channel will no longer focus on cryptocurrency exclusively, I have to rebrand it.

Brainstorming a New Name

It can be difficult to select a name for a new YouTube channel as you want something that is brandable, but also something that explains what your channel covers.

I wanted a name that did not limit me to one or two topics. Something which summarised the overall goal of the channel.

To help me brainstorm a new name, I asked subscribers for feedback.

A New Name for This Channel
The suggestions from subscribers helped tremendously.

I received many suggestions for the channel on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The one I liked the best came from the YouTube user Captain Happy

Captain Happy Channel Name Suggestion
Captain Happy’s suggestion struck a chord with me.

Online Ventures is a simple name that is easy to remember, but it also explains everything that I am covering on the channel.

Subscribe to Online Ventures

Whilst technically a rebrand of my existing YouTube channel, Online Ventures feels like a completely new project to me. That is ignited a passion for the channel that was sadly fading away before.

We are nearly half way through 2020 already, however I am excited about where I can take the channel before the end of the year.

Are You Being Productive During the Coronavirus Pandemic?
My first publshed video as “Online Ventures”

If you have not already done so, I encourage you to subscribe to Online Ventures.

I will be incorporating many of the videos into my articles on, so if you prefer, you can watch them on this blog.

Thanks for reading.


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