Picked up a cheap forum

2 weeks ago I managed to pick up a forum for what I consider a bargain price. The site in question is RetroWheels, a forum dedicated to car enthusiasts.

I paid $130 for the site. The forum isn’t really active and the people who did post on it were paid however :

  • The site came with 10 months left of a year long vbulletin license, worth around $80
  • The forum has a pretty good design. Nothing amazing but definately something I’d have to pay a little money to get something similar

I am pretty busy with other things just now so I’ll have to wait to develop it. Add to this the fact that I don’t know too much about cars and you may question this purchase but as I said, with the license and design it was a good price.

Retro Wheels

Also, this week I have started a forum with a good friend Kevin. It’s a baseball forum for UK and European fans. I’ll tell you more in a few weeks but it looks like it will do well. Kevin will be posting on the site more than I am however I will look after the tech side of things. Kevin is also a huge car nut and once we get the forum going he’s interested in posting on RetroWheels and going 50/50 on that so it should have a happy ending.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Link : RetroWheels

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