15 Places to Find Blogging Jobs

Talk to any blogger and they will tell you that the hardest part about getting started is finding new clients. Especially when you first start out, finding clients who are willing to pay a decent amount for your work can seem almost impossible.

This is why so many writers end up using services like Elance and Odesk where they end up competing with hundreds of other writers, driving down the rates they can charge.

Here is a comprehensive list of blogs and websites you should be using to help you find blogging jobs. Keep in mind that some of these websites will have an overlap in job listings. This might be because they use the same source to find jobs, or the hiring company has listed the job on multiple sites.

List of Jobs Boards and Websites

To help prioritize the list, I’ve divided it into three sections. First up are websites you should check often. For me, this means subscribing to their RSS feeds or checking them 3+ times a week, but it’s a personal choice.

The second section is for websites you can check once a week. These include some websites, like Craigslist, which will have a lot of overlap from the first section. The third section is “worth a shot”. Websites you should keep in mind, but only need to visit once.

Check Often

My suggestion for this section is that you setup a folder in your RSS feed reader which you go through every day. Highlight the jobs you are qualified for, and apply within 24 hours, so that your response is received before the job is filled.

1. Problogger

Undoubtedly one of the best known places to find blogging jobs. Problogger charges for job listings, so you know that the people posting the job are committed to the hiring process.

Job listings usually include information about the company, so take out some time to research what the company does and whether you are the kind of writer they need.


2. Freelance Writing Jobs

Every weekday the team over at Freelance Writing Jobs curates a list of writing jobs from a number of websites into one blog post. The post includes all manner of writing gigs, from copywriting to blogging, and even has a miscellaneous section thrown in.

Since they curate the list, you will get some overlap from other job listings, but the convenience of having 20 jobs listed in one blog post cannot be ignored.

Freelance Writing Jobs

3. Blogging Pro

Blogging Pro is another blog you should subscribe to the RSS feed of. They might only list 5-7 jobs a week, but they charge a fee for jobs listed so most of these are better paying jobs. They have listings for copywriting, blogging and editing jobs.

Blogging Pro

4. Freelance Job Openings

Freelance Jobs Openings allows you to search through job openings on their website, which allows you to quickly filter out positions you definitely aren’t interested in. You can review the listings on the website, sign up for an email newsletter or subscribe to their RSS feed.

Regardless of your choice, they have a large number of jobs listed, and usually have new jobs added daily. However, they do not charge for the job listings, so you should vet each job before you apply. In the past I’ve come across one or two jobs that seemed shady, despite Freelance Job Openings having a very thorough process for vetting jobs prior to publishing.

Freelance Job Openings

5. Blogger Jobs

Browse the right-hand columns on Blogger Jobs.Biz to see all the jobs they have listed. They divide listings into Premium and Regular, with the Premium listings being posted for a price. They have listings for sports bloggers, advertising bloggers, and business bloggers, to name just a few, so there will definitely be a job or two that matches your skills.

Blogger Jobs

6. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing aggregates a number of job boards, including bidding sites like Elance, but also includes difficult to search through sites like Craigslist. The source is clearly marked on each job listing, so you can decide whether you want to read through based on where the job is listed.

There is a large variety of jobs, but the pay rates are also all over the place, so you will need to vet each job before applying.

Freelance Writing

Check Once a Week

7. Writers Weekly

Once a week Writers Weekly send publish an ezine (which you can sign up to receive as an email) with a list of writing jobs. Most of these have been directly listed with them, and you might not find these jobs elsewhere.

Since it’s easy enough to go through one email, once a week, this requires very little investment in time and could lead to potentially long-lasting blogging gigs.

Writers Weekly

8. Performancing

Performancing is linked to Blogging Pro, so if you click on any of the links in their right-hand column you will be re-directed to Blogging Pro itself. However, the few listings on the Performancing Job Board seem to be generated from their paid “advertise a job” feature.

Bookmark the page and check it once a week for any new jobs that might not have added to another job board yet.


9. Indeed

To keep an eye out for long-term blogging gigs, or to get hired as an in-house blogger, keep an eye out on Indeed.com’s blogging job listings.

Unlike the other websites in this list, you will need to create a profile and upload a resume, but this might be the one job search engine you should invest time in for writing jobs. At the time of researching this article, some of the job listings included job openings for bloggers at Slate, and user guide writers for Google.


10. Craigslist

Craigslist is undeniably a great source for freelance jobs, but due to the way it’s setup (each city has its own advertisements) it can be impossible to effectively browse through all possible jobs. That is why it’s in the “worth a shot” list.

Most of the good jobs on Craigslist will end up on some of the other websites I’ve linked to before. Therefore, you shouldn’t be going through Craigslist regularly. However, I would recommend keeping an eye on your city’s writing jobs category as there are sometimes jobs for which local bloggers are required.

Craigslist Jobs

11. Google Alerts

Google Alerts are easy to setup, are delivered to your inbox, and allow you to set a frequency for emails as well.

Of course, they have Google’s powerful search feature behind them, making them a powerful tool to search the Internet for new mentions of blogging gigs. I have a few Google alerts set up, mostly for phrases like “hiring writers”, and get an email once a day with all the results. However, a lot of these are duplicates of jobs I will have already seen on one of the blogs above. Still, this is definitely worth a shot.

Google Alerts

12. Twitter

Like Craigslist, Twitter can be a long-shot for jobs, but cannot be ignored. Use Twitter search to setup a search for “hiring writers” or other similar terms, and monitor them once a week or so. You might find a few leads that are worth following up on.

Since it’s Twitter, you don’t have to worry about cover letters in your replies. Simply respond asking the person if they can share more information with you on your email address.

Twitter Search

Worth a Shot

13. About Freelance Writing’s Curated List

Anne Wayman over at About Freelance Writing shares not only her experiences as a freelance writer, but also recommends websites you should monitor to find blogging jobs.

The list of websites she has listed has some overlap with our list, but also includes sources we’ve not mentioned separately here. I would also recommend subscribing to her RSS feed as her blog posts are worth a read.

About Freelance Writing

14. Make A Living Writing’s Curated List

Over at Make A Living Writing, Carol has setup a list of 140 websites that pay writers at least $50 per post.

The list has been curated by her, along with some other bloggers, so you will be redirected to a few websites. However, all together there are 140+ websites for you to pitch your posts to. Some of the additional lists are in the form of eBooks, which you can download and peruse when you have time.

Making a Living Writing

15. Alexis Grant’s Database

Alexis Grant doesn’t offer a list of jobs you can apply to. Instead, she offers a form you can fill out to join a database of writer she has setup. When she hears about someone looking for a blogger with your skills, she gets in touch with you to see if you’re interested.

Sounds nice in theory and there is no fee to sign-up, so I recommend this as a long-shot. It takes two minutes to fill out the form and you’re done.

Alexis Grant

Set Yourself up for Success

With hundreds of writers applying for the same jobs, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Here are some essential things to keep in mind every time you apply for a job.

Follow Instructions

Follow all the instructions provided carefully. If they want 2 samples, send 2. If they need links only, make sure you only send links. The easiest way to have your application ignored is to not follow the instructions given.

Be Selective

Only apply if you are experienced enough for the job and can prove it with samples. A blog looking for writers with experience in ERP will not be interested in your samples on how the new iPhone is a game-changer. Send relevant samples, and make sure your cover letter highlights your experience in the field.

Spend Some Time on Your Application

Do not copy-paste the same cover letter for every job. It is tempting, but don’t do it! Have 3-4 different cover letter templates, each allowing you to change some details to personalize it for the job.

Make sure to use the client’s name, if a name is mentioned in the job listing. For job listings where you have been given a link to their website, go through it and make sure to reference something from the website in your cover letter. Let them know you spent some time to apply instead of sending them a template email.

Can you think of any websites or blogs I might have missed in this list? Let me know in the comments area below :)

Nida Rasheed is a freelance writer and business owner with a serious caffeine addiction. She loves her dogs, wants to travel the world, and dislikes referring to herself in the third person. Follow her on Twitter: @nidarasheed
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