A Quick Look at Meks WordPress Themes & Plugins

WordCamp Europe was another opportunity for me to meet up with great people within the WordPress community.

One of the companies I spent chatting with was Meks; a WordPress company that sells premium WordPress themes and plugins. I spent time on the first night and at the after party chatting to Dusan, Marko, and Bojan. They all reside in Serbia, which is where next year’s WordCamp Europe will be hosted.

Dusan and Bojan were part of the original team that developed ManageWP, but I had never heard of their company before. I thought it would be good to change that and do a video review in which I show you all what products they sell.

I hope you enjoy the video :)

A Quick Look at Meks Themes

You can see me giving my opinion on the themes and plugins available from Meks in the video below.

Meks WordPress Themes & Plugins - A Quick Look

Be sure to check out their official website to see all of their designs and check out their free WordPress plugins.

What’s your thoughts on Meks? Let me know in the comment area below :)


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