Quick Update

I’ve been in Lamai, Koh Samui since last Friday. Me and Chris got dropped in the town centre and whilst walking we found a cheapish place called Bonny Hotel. From the outside the place looks awful, an old grey blocky building that wouldn’t look out of place in communist Russia or North Korea. But we were surprised when we reached the reception area as it was really nice. The woman who runs the place is really nice.

We are paying 700 baht between us (about 3 pounds 50 each) per night. For that we get a twin room with air conditioning, cable tv (with hardly any english channels though) and balcony. We priced a few other places as we wanted a swimming pool but they were all about 1200+ baht for the night. So we are happy where we are : it’s a 2 minute walk to the beach and there is a fancy hotel nextdoor with a swimming pool anyways.

On Friday we found the bar we have been visiting most days. It’s called the swing bar and is really chilled out. Owned by a sound French-Canadian guy, it’s down at the beach and boasts free pool tables, free internet and a happy hour from 4-8pm (with a free bbq twice a week too). The centre of Lamai is really busy so it’s good chilling down there away from all the madness!

Friday was a bit of a crazy night. We ended up going to a club and getting back at 6am. Due to this, Saturday was a washout and we just bought a dvd and stayed in most of the day. On Sunday, with our batteries charged, we rented some skooters and drove around the whole island. We were looking for somewhere quieter to relax but we didn’t find anything. Still, it was a good day out and renting the skooter and paying for a full tank of petrol only cost 6 pounds.

We will probably stay hre until Friday morning and then go to somewhere else on the island, perhaps Big Bhudda beach at the top of the island.So far we have been really poor at taking pictures so I will do my best to get some taken for you all :)


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