5 Reasons it is Better to Write for Your Own Blog

I started blogging for myself regularly around 2006 and around five years later I started blogging for others. Writing for other blogs is something that I had never planned, but I decided to keep doing it as I got many offers of work.

There are many reasons why freelancing for others is beneficial, such as earning money and raising your profile by publishing articles on other websites.

I continue to enjoy writing for other blogs, however, in this article, I would like to talk about why it is better to write for your own blog rather than writing for others.

I am sure those of you who have done a lot of freelance blogging will relate to these points :)

1. You Do Not Have to Follow Someone Else’s Schedule

One of the great things about working online is that you can fit work around your own schedule. This allows me to go to the gym when it’s quiet and lets me catch up with work at nighttime if I have something I need to earlier in the day.

When you are writing for other blogs, you normally have to complete work by a certain date. Most blog owners are quite flexible in this regard and are happy for you to provide the article in a couple of days. The problem is that when you take on a couple of regular writing jobs, you soon find yourself having to work additional hours in order to complete the work on time.

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It is obviously important to work hard for your own blog too, however you are not working by someone else’s clock.

If something comes up in my personal life, for example a night out with friends, I can choose to complete the blog post in a couple of days. This means that there is never any pressure for writing for my own blog. I blog because I enjoy it.

2. You Make Your Own Rules

Every blog has rules that bloggers need to follow. When people write for me, I try and keep guidelines and formatting rules to a minimal, though there are things that writers need to do to ensure some sort of consistency on my blog.

For example, images need to be a certain width, H2 tags need to be used for headers, and bloggers should link to any stats or articles they reference.

Many blog owners subscribe to my thinking of keeping guidelines to a minimal and letting the blogger do their own thing. Unfortunately, many blog owners go a little overboard with their rules and guidelines and make their writers jump through all sorts of hoops.

I have rejected offers of work before because the number of rules in place is absurd. I really have no desire to spend thirty minutes writing an article and another thirty minutes ticking off checklists on spreadsheets.

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Other blog owners place many hurdles in between you completing an article and the article being published. For example, after submitting the article for review, it can be a few days or even a few weeks before the article is published. This is because the article has to be approved by one or more people.

When you write for your own blog, you make your own rules. You can do whatever you want because you answer to no one.

Not only does this give you more creative control over everything you do, it also saves you a lot of time.

3. You Do Not Need to Worry About Spelling and Grammar…as Much

Grammar and spelling are important. It is something that I put a high priority on when I am looking at writers.

Whenever I write articles for clients, I make sure I proofread the article thoroughly so that I catch any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or sections which could be improved. Most blog owners are appreciative of the fact that I do this.

However, I am only human. From time to time, a little spelling mistake will slip through. It is inevitable that this will happen from time to time because it is hard to see your own mistakes. If you check any major news website or blog, you will find small mistakes like this.

Spelling Mistake
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Most blog owners (including myself) accept the fact that the odd spelling mistake will slip through every now and then. Others, however, overreact and make a big deal about it.

When you publish articles on your own blog, you do not have to be quite as obsessive about small mistakes. Sure, you should still ensure high standards are maintained, but any small errors can be corrected at any time.

4. You Are Not Restricted by What You Say

As I mentioned earlier, when you write for someone else, you are playing by their rules. It is not just formatting guidelines you need to adhere to; you also need to write your articles in a specific way.

For example, the blog owner may want you to write the article in a specific tone or not mention the blog’s rivals. There is also a good chance that they will remove a part of your article if you state something that they do not agree with.

Dead of Night
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No such restrictions apply when you write for your own blog. You can say and do whatever you want.

This gives you complete writing freedom and helps your own unique personality shine through.

5. You Do Not Have to Send Emails

Freelancing for others is not only about writing the article. A lot of time is wasted doing things that are necessary, but nevertheless do not add anything to your bottom line.

You can spend a lot of time emailing clients about the work you are doing for them. This is important to ensure that you complete the article the way they want and need. The more guidance they give you about an article, they more likely it will meet their requirements.

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Unfortunately, corresponding with clients can be very time consuming. Whilst you do need to speak about your work and about payments and invoices, there is no doubt that all of this correspondence can drain your time considerably.

I have parted ways with some clients because the work they offered me did not justify the amount of time required to arrange everything. In that respect, I have found that the Pareto principle holds true that 20% of your clients can generate 80% of your problems. Therefore, eliminating clients who email too much can increase your productivity tremendously.

Why do you enjoy writing for your own blog?

Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts :)

Thanks for reading.


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