An Incredibly Easy Way To Remote Control A Computer

I have been struggling to remote control my larger computer with my smaller 10.2″ laptop. My main laptop uses Vista and my smaller one uses XP and there seems to be difficult connecting the two.

I’ll be honest with you. The main reason I want to do this is because of laziness. I have my main laptop connected up to my 32″ LCD television so I can stream clips/movies etc from it. I occasionally stick a film on and then lie in my bed browsing the web with my small netbook but it gets annoying to constantly get up and change things on my main laptop. Hence the need for remote control!

I found that there are alternatives available. The first one I came across was called RealVNC but I couldn’t get it to work right away so I kept looking. I then came across a script called Team Viewer.

Team Viewer is a fantastic script which easily lets you control another laptop or pc. Both parties need to download and install the script and then you just need to enter the id and password of the computer you want to control. That’s it. It has some extra features too like file transfers and the ability to switch between two monitors (which is handy as I extend my laptop to my television). Best thing about it is it’s free.

If you are looking to remote control a friends pc I would recommend trying msn messenger, it works very well. However, if you want to control another laptop/pc you own, I recommend using Team Viewer as it works well and is incredibly easy to use.

Link : Team Viewer

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