How I Respond to YouTube Comments

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a content creator is interacting with your audience. I’ve always loved publishing content and chatting with my readers and viewers about the topic I discussed.

Of course, not evert comment is a positive one, particularly on YouTube. I have been blogging actively since the mid 2000s and have had my fair share of negative comments, but YouTube is a different ball game all together. The community seems to attract trolls and negative comments, but thankfully, only a small percentage of comments fall into this category.

Responding to Comments

I love interacting with my viewers and always take the time to respond to comments.

I mainly do this via the official YouTube Studio app on my smartphone, but occasionally I have to jump across to my browser due to some limitations of the app. I explain my process of responding to comments in the video below.

How I Reply to Your Comments

The way YouTube allows creators to respond to creators is not perfect, but I have no doubt they will improve this in the future.

Comments are a big part of creating a community around your channel. I have subscribers who chat to each other in my comment area and live streams and have connected through their shared interest in the topics I cover. It’s a big part of building a community.

Sadly, this kind of interaction has been lost from blogs over the last few years as most readers prefer to just share their opinion on social media. The downside to that is that the discussion is not centralised.

I hope you enjoyed the video.

Do you upload videos to YouTube? If so, how do you respond to comments from viewers?


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