Street Fighter 4 Online

One of the first things I did arriving home was purchase Street Fighter 4. I have been a Street Fighter fan since I was a kid. I first started playing Street Fighter 2 religiously with my friends at lunchtime during High School when I was about 11 or 12.

It proved to be great value for money as for 20 pence you could play for 20 minutes at least as we always got to the end bosses and more often than not, completed the game as well. A year or so later I was playing Street Fighter 2 on the Super Nintendo and soon after that I swapped about 5 games to get an imported version of Street Fighter 2 Turbo (It cost £75 from the market – Robbing Bastards!! haha). Since then I have purchased numerous versions of the game for other systems.

So I was really looking forward to Street Fighter 4. I’ve heard a few people saying they are disappointed with it but I actually think it’s a good game, except for one thing. The online part of the game sucks balls. This was the part of the game I was really looking forward to too.

Street Fighter 4

There are two main problems with it.

The first is a problem with connection speed. The game tells you to only play players with a green connection bar, which signifies a good connection speed. My mate Malky said to never play against someone with less than a green bar but after 4 days of owning the game I have still not seen anyone else with a gree bar.

I have only seen yellow bars, which signifies an average connection or more common, a red bar, which signifies a poor connection. A lot of problems occur because of this. Mainly, the game is unresponsive. Half the time you do the command to do a specific move it just doesn’t do it, which makes the game frustrating and close to being unplayable.

The second main problem is actually finding a game. There seems to be very few players on the game and the ones which are one, for want of a better word, are assholes! I realised this the other day. I was playing a guy the other day who kept just running away and doing fireballs. I soon realised why he was doing this. The guy had setup the game a 30 second one round game. He was clearly doing this just to get cheap wins and increase his online ranking.

I can’t understand people like that. People who are more interested increasing some pointless rank instead of actually playing the game. Am I getting too old for gaming or is every other gamer concerned about these ranks online. I finally got a good game going today in an unranked game. We were both Akuma and the guy was beating me 2-1. After some close games he increased this to 4-1. I then demolished him 2 games in a row with near perfects every round and when it was 4-3 he left the game.

Damn kids!

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