Over the last 22 years, I’ve met thousands of professionals through selling websites and domains, blogging for others and helping out within the WordPress community. I’m fortunate to have worked with a lot of great individuals through working online and it has made my work more enjoyable.

Many of these people have been kind enough to leave some feedback about me :)

His Attention to Detail is Superb
Kevin is one of the most professional tech writers I have ever come across. His knowledge of WordPress is extensive and his attention to detail is superb. If you are looking to further your business with expertly-written content, I would whole-heartedly recommend giving Kevin a try.

Brin Wilson (Affiliate Marketer & Blogger) – WinningWP

Impressed with His Level of Professionalism
I’ve worked with Kevin quite a few times and is a phenomenal technical writer and knows all the ins and outs of running large, successful blogs. I helped contribute articles to one of his websites for several months and was always very impressed with his level of professionalism and friendliness.

Pippin Williamson (WordPress Plugin Developer) – Pippins Plugins

Always developing high quality authority websites
I’ve known Kevin for close to a decade now, having first met him on

Sitepoint forums. Since then, Kevin has gone on to create and sell some high quality and trafficked authority websites. Most notably though, is Kevin’s lifestyle. By utilizing the versatility of the Internet, Kevin has managed to travel all around the world, and always seems to be in a different country every time I talk to him.

Tyler Cruz (Affiliate Marketer & Blogger)
Tyler Cruz

Expert In Blogging & WordPress
Over the years Kevin has become not only a reliable source for his expertise in blogging and Wordpress, but he has become a great friend as well. A valuable asset for anyone lucky enough to work with him.

Zac Johnson (Affiliate Marketer and Blogger)
Zac Johnson
Zac Johnson

Amazing Work Ethic

I’ve known Kevin for many years now and I can safely say he is one of the best guys I have ever worked with. Not only is he super knowledgeable about WordPress, but he has an amazing work ethic. I purchased a website from Kevin and since that time he’s been there to support us in every way – even months later. If you run a business like I do then you know guys like this only come along in a blue moon.

Michael Jackness (Affiliate Marketer)
WordPress Hub

Professional and Helpful
I had the pleasure of working with Kevin when he owned BloggingTips; I was one of the bloggers on the site. From the start I was impressed by Kevin’s professional approach to working with bloggers. He outlined the brief clearly, put resources in place to help us succeed, was extremely well-organized and prompt and helpful in resolving any issues. Kevin is also a fountain of wisdom on anything to do with WordPress and blogging. It was great to work with him!

Sharon Hurley Hall (Blogger)

If you have worked with me before and would like to show your appreciation, please submit a testimonial through my contact page :)


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