TBH #002 – Ian Dawson Mackay : Video Interviews, Blogging, Product Creation and eBooks

In the second episode of The Business Hangout, Ian Dawson Mackay joined me for a discussion on video interviewing and blogging. Ian has secured interviews with some really high profile people over the last few months through his blog Next Level Guy.

I was really impressed how Ian managed to secure interviews with people such as self-help guru Elliott Hulse, author and wine entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, podcaster Tripp Lanier, and professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.

The first episode of The Business Hangout went well. I enjoy doing video and audio though I’m concious that I need to improve in many areas, so it was good to pick Ian’s brain about it, as he is really comfortable when performing audio and video interviews.

You can view the episode on YouTube below or listen to the audio version at the bottom of this post. There is an option to download the audio file too. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the show on iTunes here.

The Business Hangout #002 - Ian Dawson Mackay : Video Interviews, Product Creation & eBooks.

Websites & Videos Mentioned In This Episode

We spoke about a lot of websites in this episode, including:

I mentioned some videos in the podcast too, including the incident where Preston from The Ordinary Boys walked out in the middle of Nevermind the Buzzcocks tv show (On a side note, The Ordinary Boys song Boys Will Be Boys is pretty good).

Preston walks out on buzzcocks

In this one, comedian Jim Jeffries talks about Noah’s Ark and kids asking why Kangaroos were not in the Bible.

You should also check out this video of Jim talking about Noah, religion and pandas.

I also briefly spoke about the time I met the apprentice of world-class sculptor in Alta Gracia, Argentina. The sculptor in question was Gabriel Dubois. His real name was Gabriel Simmonet but he was called Dubois by his contemporaries after the famous Monsieur Paul Dubois. Born in Paris on 25 November 1873, he was trained in France by Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse (Another person who was trained by Carrier-Belleuse was my favourite sculptor Auguste Rodin).

He moved to Alta Gracia in 1932, and lived there until his death on 26 March 1968. He is famous in South America for many items, such as the bronze and crystal chandelier in the House of Congress in Buenos Aires.

Gabriel Dubois Art Museum
The Gabriel Dubois Art Museum

I didn’t meet Gabriel Dubois; he died 11 years before I was born. However, when I visited the Gabriel Dubois museum in Alta Gracia in October 2012, I did meet his apprentice. He’s the man in the blue overalls in the picture below. He was such a nice and genuine man. He showed us around the workshop and told us stories about Gabriel Dubois. It was strange. I love viewing sculptures, but I have never ever attempted pottery, and haven’t lifted a paintbrush since I was a kid. Despite this, I was genuinely in awe of this man. I stood in amazement looking at the sculptures and paintings he was creating.

Inside the workshop of the Gabriel Dubois Art Museum
Inside the workshop of the Gabriel Dubois Art Museum

There were lots of students in the class, however the man with his arm around me seemed like the most experienced student. When we went in, he was working on a religious piece. Something, which will one day find it’s way into a Church.


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