The Highlanders Have Moved to England

Every country is known for something. Scotland is known for many things…some good, some not so good. The stereotype of us all drinking heavily is definitely true, particularly when you compare us to the rest of the world. Though we’re no different from the English, Irish, Welsh when it comes to drinking excessively.

I’ve never understood the stereotype of Scottish people being tight though we do play up to all things Scottish including shortbread, whisky and of course…the kilt. Suppose we should all be proud of our country’s heritage…even when it is quite cheesy.

I’m currently staying in Asuncion in Paraguay. Whisky is really popular here; as it is throughout South America. What I find funny travelling through all these countries is that every country has all these different brands of whisky that aren’t available in Scotland. They’re solely made for export. All the exported whisky’s are named after Scottish families and have pictures of old Scottish guys with beards.

When shopping yesterday I came across toffees called ‘Old England Toffee’. As you can see, I don’t think the makers
(from Chile) could point to England or Scotland on the map.

Old England Toffee

It’s bizarre finding stuff like this when travelling. Last month I came across a t-shirt in Colombia which said ‘The Highland Cow‘. I can just imagine some young Colombian kids running around the street with highland cattle on them.



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