Think I’m going to get the HP 2133 Mininote

4 days ago I asked what laptop I should get for travelling. When I wrote the post I had a few laptops in mind however my mind is now pretty much set on the HP 2133 Mini Note.

HP 2133 MiniNote

The basic model has a 1.2Ghz Via C7 processor, 120 GB 5400 rpm SATA hard drive, 8.9″ screen (with a native 1280 x 768 resolution), webcam, bluetooth and 2GB of RAM. One of the best things about this laptop is the keyboard. HP have extended the keyboard to the end of the chassis so it’s 92% the size of a regular full sized keyboard (I actually think thats bigger than the keyboard I had on my old sony ultraportable and that had a 10.6 inch screen). After seeing one of my favourite blogs JKOnTheRun give it a rave review I was sold.

Currently, it’s due for a UK release on 27 May 2008 through HP’s sole distributor RM. RM target the education sector so will be selling this laptop with XP but they also provide an upgrade license to Vista if you want. From the videos I have seen it seems to run OK on Vista but XP should run a lot smoother. They also provide a 6 cell battery however currently they only sell the 1.2Ghz version for £457.79. HP are releasing a 1.6Ghz version as well in the USA so hopefully they will release that too in the UK (which is the main reason why I haven’t placed a pre-order as yet).

If you want to see the mininote in action, check out the review on JKOnTheRun as their video lasts around 30 minutes.


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