9 Smart Ways to Get More Subscribers to Your WordPress Blog

75 million websites in the world use WordPress, which makes it the most popular content management system online.

A WordPress blog is as functional as it is beautiful. It is free to users and the best part of it is that it can be modified to suit your personal needs. This is a website tool that is capable of making anything, from a simple blog to a full featured business website. Top level organizations such as Ebay, which is featured amongst Fortune 500 companies, has also been known to use it.

That being said, having a WordPress blog, genuinely simplifies your work as a blogger. It allows you to change your website themes as and when you feel the need to. This goes a long way in cutting out any graphic design work you would have had to invest in. WordPress literally makes blogging all fun and games.

All social media marketing gurus know that blogs are a crucial part of any successful campaign. Therefore, having a partner like WordPress that lets you create blogs so simply is amazing.

You and I both know, however, that money only comes in when you have a notable subscription list. This has got to be the number one headache bloggers face.

How do you get people to actually want to opt in and consent to letting you take their money?

9 Proven Ways to Get More Subscribers

Your subscribers are the lifeline of a thriving blog. Everyone wishes they had more of them. Nobody has ever complained about having too many of them.

Listed below are established fail-proof ways of getting your WordPress blog rolling with the big dogs.

1. Engage with Your Audience

This sounds like an easy thing to do, and yes you are absolutely correct it is. Connect with your audience. Don’t write articles or post stuff just for the sake of it. Start conversations. Let these conversations have relevancy in the lives of your readers. Hop on a popular buzzing subject matter.

That is sure to let the readers know that with you, they’ll be updated on the most current matters but they will still have their most pertinent issues addressed. You will have then created your tribe. When people feel like they belong, subscriptions happen organically.

Engage with Your Audience
Engage with Your Audience.
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2. Herd Mentality

You ever seen a flock of sheep herding? They literally follow each other without second guessing anything. Human beings are sort of like that to some extent. In a nice way of course. So what you want to do is maximize on that.

Let’s say you already have 500 subscribers. Why not include that figure in your call to action and let these prospective subscribers realize how much they are already missing out on.

Like you may lightly suggest, Subscribe to join 500 other readers who are reaping huge deals from …you get the gist?

3. Let Them Know Why

Think about this, how comfortable are you when someone tells you that you need to go somewhere or do something and don’t tell you why they think that you should do so. This is the same with your readers.

If your focus is on telling them what they need to do and not showing them the value that they will get from it, a vital part of your campaign is missing. Why should they subscribe to your email list? How will they get value from that subscription? Let them know why they should, and they will.

4. Make it Easy

Ever been on a blog that you actually find interesting and you actually intend to subscribe? Then boom, the questions begin. Your first name, last name, age, company email address and the list is painfully long. Then in your head you’re like, I didn’t need it that bad anyway so I’ll probably pass on all those grilling questions.

This website should not be you. If you want them to subscribe, make the process fast and simple. If you make the readers think twice, then you lose out. What is it essentially that you need them to provide you with? Is it the email address? Then simply ask for that only.

Keep it Simple
Keep it Simple
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5. Offer to be a Guest Blogger

This sounds crazy, I’m asking you to do more work for another person. It works. It is said we rise by lifting others. Here’s what I’m asking you to try out, offer content for another site in close relation to yours and reiterate that all you need is the allowance to post a link redirecting back to your page.

That’s it. I mean, don’t we all think that external consultants are better even if the resident consultant probably knows so much more? After this, it’ll be subscribers galore.

6. Podcast

Isn’t this the craze these days? Some People are so busy that they prefer listening to stuff rather than having to read all the time. You want to capture these guys as well. But this is the fun part. Podcast usually have guest speakers, and these are in most cases influential people.

Allow them to post their links on your site (podcasts usually have accompanying transcripts) and they will definitely give a shout out to you from their side. Killing two birds with one stone. Great information for your subscribers and free marketing to other prospective subscribers.

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7. Offer a Giveaway

An e-book, an audio or a course. Give an incentive to your prospective subscribers. Let them know that even before anything else, they stand to get something of a substantial value by choosing to subscribe to your list. I don’t know many people who don’t like free things.

8. Location of Subscription Form

This is a gem. Where exactly on your website do you place it? That could be your major undoing. It’s been a well-kept secret amongst the gurus, but the cat is finally out of the bag, put it in the right hand corner. That’s it. That’s the secret.

9. Networking

All good plain Networking. Get out there make friendships and associations. Let these friends speak out about the wonderful things that you are doing as you speak out about the wonderful things that they are doing.

Check your local area for groups and meetings with like-minded people and save up and go to large conferences where influencers gather. It could help you take you and your blog to the next level.

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Final Thoughts

If your WordPress blog needs more subscribers, you need to have quality content, a good user interface, and a strategy for grabbing their attention.

Make sure your visitors do not just read your articles and leave. Capture their email address and you can convert them into long-term supporters.

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