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Dropshipping allows you to run a profitable online store without storing the goods yourself. When a customer purchases a product, you then place the order at your distributor and they ship it directly to the customer.

Your own branding can be added to packaging so the customer will never know you didn’t ship the product yourself.

A number of solutions are available online that simplify the whole process of dropshipping.



MerchMixer is a dropshipping solution for Shopify that lets you dropship brand products to anywhere in the USA. You can choose to sell electronics, clothing, computers and more. All products are shipping within 2 to 7 days.

It is free to sign up to MerchMixer and up to 100 products can be shipped under the free plan. The $49 per month pro plan allows you to ship up to 1,000 products and the cost of each product is reduced. The $99 per month premium plan allows you to ship an unlimited number of products.

To learn more about what MerchMixer can do, check out my full review of the service.
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