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File Transfer Protocol, or FTP for short, is the standard way for people to upload and download files to their host. FTP clients are very simple to use. After entering your website information, you simply select the files you want to upload and drag them to your online folder.

The Fantastico script library has allowed millions of people to create websites without ever needing to use an FTP client or access a database. All they need to do is click on a button to install a script such as WordPress and Fantastico will take care of the rest. I still prefer to always upload and download files using FTP. It is a much quicker way to handle file management and I prefer to have full control over what is happening.

In this article I would like to share with you 75 FTP clients that you can use to transfer files online. The initial list supports multiple formats including Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix. Later, I have listed FTP clients that are exclusive to Mac, Windows and Linux. I hope you find it useful :)


  • Applications are listed in no particular order.
  • The majority of premium FTP clients offer a free trial to let you test the application.
  • Most FTP clients have dozens and dozens of features. I have attempted to note the features that set the application apart from others.

Multi-Platform: Mac, Windows & Linux

1. FileZilla

Price: FREE

My personal choice for uploading and downloading files on the internet. FileZilla is very easy to use and has everything you need for uploading and downloading files on the internet. My main computer back in the UK is a Mac, however I use a Windows laptop when I’m travelling. FileZilla allows me to export my website profiles from one computer to the other, which saves me from having to enter all my connection details again for all my websites. It is also available for Linux.


2. SecureFX

Price: $59.95

Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, SecureFX is a premium FTP solution that places emphasis on security. It supports five key protocols.

SecureFX FTP Client

3. Secure FTP Client

Price: Free for Personal Users / $30 for Commercial Users

A java based FTP client that is free for non-commercial usage. It features command line scripting and has multi-language support. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix.

Secure FTP Client

4. CrossFTP

Price: $30

An FTP client that can also be used to connect to cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, CDN CloudFront and Google Cloud Storage. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix.


5. BulletProof FTP Client (Windows / Mac)

Price: $34.95

A reliable FTP client that features hidden file support and remote mirroring. Profiles can be imported from other FTP clients such as CuteFTP, WS_FTP and FTP Explorer. Available for Mac and Windows.

BulletProof FTP Client

6. CuteFTP (Windows / Mac)

Price: $59.99 (Windows) / $39.99 (Mac)

A popular FTP client that is available for Windows and Mac. The Windows version has a lot of features that the Mac version does not such as bandwidth throttle, backups and an integrated editor.


7. ClassicFTP

Price: Free for Personal Users / $19.99 for Commercial Users

An easy to use FTP client that allows you to synchronise your local folders with your online files. It is available for Windows and Mac.


8. Cyberduck

Price: FREE

A free FTP client that is packed full of features. It allows you to edit files with your own text editor, has a great bookmarking system and offers support for connections to cloud storage services and content delivery networks. It is available for Mac and Windows.

Cyberduck FTP Client

9. i.Ftp

Price: FREE

A basic FTP application that is available for Mac and Windows. It is designed to be used through portable storage as well, with a full installation being less than 1mb in size.


10. NcFTP Client

Price: FREE

One of the oldest FTP clients that can be found on the internet, being actively used by UNIX users since 1991. It is a command-line driven client, therefore it is better suited to advanced users. It is also available for Mac and Windows,

NcFTP Client

11. AbleFtp

Price: $99.95

An automated FTP client that lets you sync files from your computer with your host. Over 1,000 tasks can be scheduled daily. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix.


12. JFTP

Price: FREE

A Java based FTP client. It professes to be a true universal application as it is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix. It can also be used on any platform that supports a Java Runtime Environment.


13. Beyond Compare

Price: $30

An interesting FTP application that highlights the differences between files and folders on your computer against those on your host. You can then decide whether to merge the changes, sync the files or disregard one particular version. Text files can be viewed and edited and Word and PDF documents can be compared. It is available for Windows and Linux.

Beyond Compare FTP Comparison

14. ExpanDrive

Price: $39.95

A great application that allows remote directories to be accessed through your computer as if they are a USB drive. This means FTP connections, cloud storage services and more can stay connected at all times. It is available for Mac and Windows.


15. Free Open FTP Face

Price: FREE

A free FTP client that works on Windows, Linux and Unix. It offers file previews, an audio player and one-click gzip compression and decompression.

Free Open FTP Face


16. Speed Download

Price: $20 (Lite) / $25 (Regular)

A download manager that comes with a built-in FTP client. It has basic FTP features such as auto-resuming and secure socket layer (SSL) support.

Speed Download

17. Fetch

Price: $29

A feature rich FTP solution that features task scheduling, folder synchronisation, and the ability to view files in a web browser.

Fetch FTP Client

18. Flow

Price: $10

A beautiful FTP client that lets you edit files on your server using your preferred editor. Files can be uploaded rapidly using droplets (small apps) without even loading up Flow.

Flow FTP Application

19. Transmit

Price: $34

An FTP solution that boasts super fast downloading and uploading speeds. It allows you to connect to cloud storage services and any connection can be saved locally as a drive.

Transmit FTP Client

20. Fugu

Price: FREE

A secure FTP application that features image previews, directory histories and editing files through your preferred text editor.

Fugu FTP Client

21. ForkLift

Price: $19.95

An advanced file manager and FTP client that supports connections to cloud storage services such as Amazon S3. It features remote file editing, folder synchronisation, terminal access and much more.

ForkLift2 FTP Client

22. Interarchy

Price: $59.99

Released in 1993, Interarchy allows you to execute code directly on a server without first downloading it. It also features folder synchronisation, plugin support and the ability to connect cloud storage services.

Interarchy FTP Client

23. Yummy FTP

Price: $28

A powerful FTP client that offers scheduling, remote file editing, folder synchronisation and recovery of failed uploads. Yummy FTP “Lite”, a version which is a basic version of the full script, is available for only $1.99.

Yummy FTP

24. Captain FTP

Price: $29

A secure FTP client that features folder synchronisation. Large files can be transferred quicker with the help of accelerated downloads. A version is also available for iPad.

Captain FTP

25. RBrowser

Price: FREE

A good FTP client that has many great features such as file previewing and folder synchronisation. One of the few FTP clients exclusive to Mac that is free to download.

RBrowser FTP Client

26. FTP Client

Price: $35

A professional looking FTP client that features remote file editing through your preferred editor, Mac drople apps and folder syncing.

FTP Client

27. NetFinder

Price: $15

An advanced FTP client that features task automation, commenting, labels and more. It supports many protocols and allows you to preview your online files before downloading them.

NetFinder FTP Client


28. RightFTP

Price: FREE

A free FTP client that comes with a bandwidth manager for managing your transfer speeds. This is something users with slow connections may find useful.


29. BatchFTP

Price: $19.95

BatchFTP is a solid FTP solution that allows you to change packet sizes in order to optimise your bandwidth. One of its biggest selling points is automated backup system which backs up your files directly to your local computer.


30. FlashFXP

Price: $19.47

A high performance FTP client that support for over 20 languages, a remote file editor and speed limiting for those with low bandwidth. The application can be protected by a password for additional security.

FlashFXP FTP Client

31. AnyConnect

Price: FREE

AnyConnect is a free FTP client that also features SSH and Telnet terminal connections. It does not have any advanced FTP features.

AnyConnect FTP Client

32. WinSCP

Price: FREE

WinSCP supports multiple protocols and folder synchronisation. Unfortunately, syncing features can only be set up by entering script commands.


33. Null FTP Client

Price: FREE

A useful FTP client that pays attention to how you use the application so that you spend less time setting things up next time. One of the only FTP applications that allows you to use your own custom skin.

Null FTP Client

34. CoreFTP

Price: FREE / $24.95 for Standard / $39.95 for Pro

A free FTP client that features .htaccess & .htpasswd editing, remote file and folder searching, and Command line support. Premium versions of the script are available with more features.


35. TurboFTP

Price: $39.95

TurboFTP is a popular FTP client that has many great features such as file synchronisation and backup, task scheduling, and on the fly compressing and decompressing of files. It can also handle large file transfers.


36. SmartFTP

Price: $39.95

A good FTP client that supports connections to cloud storage services. Files and folders can be synced and backed up to your computer and it has full support for Windows 8.


37. LeapFTP

Price: $39.95

LeapFTP features many useful security tools such as password support and 256-bit encryption. It can also display a graph of your transfer speed and files can be searched remotely.


38. FTP Now

Price: $29.95

A lightweight FTP solution that only requires 2MB of storage and 16MB of RAM to operate. It has a Windows look and feel. This is obvious when transferring files as the standard Windows transfer windows appear (e.g. the windows which say copying and show you files transferring to their location).


39. FTP Desktop

Price: $44.95

FTP Desktop is a unique FTP program that lets you access remote folders and files as if they were on your own computer. A good option for those of you who do not like the standard split-panel transfer system.

FTP Desktop

40. RFtp

Price: $29

A simple looking FTP client for Windows that supports large file transfers.


41. FTPShell Client

Price: FREE

A free FTP client that supports task scheduling and features an integrated file editor. It can also automatically unzip files on download and zip them for upload.

FTPShell Client

42. Free FTP

Price: FREE

Released by CoffeeCup.com, Free FTP is one of the best free FTP clients available to Windows users. It boasts bookmarking, fast transfers and remote file editing.

Free FTP

43. Direct FTP

Price: $28.99

Direct FTP is CoffeeCup.com’s advanced FTP client. It is one of the best looking FTP clients available online. In addition to everything Free FTP can do, it also allows you to open and edit images remotely and a professional built-in text editor for modifying files. Bookmarking functionality allows you to save your location on your computer and your server.

Direct FTP

44. FTP Navigator

Price: $24.95

A functional FTP solution that features folder and file synchronisation and command line control. The transfer of files that were not transferred correctly because of a poor connection can be automatically reuploaded.

FTP Navigator

45. Directory Opus

Price: $49 AUD (Light) / $89 AUD (Pro)

A professional file management and FTP solution that supports Windows 8. It has a beautiful user interface and support for many archive formats.

Directory Opus FTP Client

46. AceFTP Pro

Price: $29.95

A powerful FTP client that offers lots of information on your current transfers. Transfers can be scheduled on a regular basis and files can be previewed remotely.

AceFTP Pro

47. BitKinex

Price: FREE

A free FTP client for Windows that allows files to be transferred from one server to another. Several protocols are supported: FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS and WebDAV.

BitKinex FTP Client

48. FTP Voyager

Price: FREE

FTP Voyager features folder syncing, scheduled transfers and multiple protocol support. It also features bandwidth throttling, transfer compression and remote image thumbnails.

FTP Voyager

49. Steed

Price: $24.99

A beautifully designed FTP solution that has support for Windows Azure, Amazon S3, Dropbox, SkyDrive and more. It also boasts many great bookmarking features.

Steed FTP Client

50. Fresh FTP

Price: FREE

A free FTP client that offers password protection and folder and file synchronisation. It can also work with AntiVirus software to scan downloaded files.

Fresh FTP

51. FTP Commander

Price: $29.95 (Pro) / $49.95 (Deluxe)

FTP Commander offers folder and file synchronization, task scheduling and automated backups. Remote files can also be edited through your preferred text editor.

FTP Commander

52. AutoFTP

Price: Free / $50 (Professional) / $95 (Premium)

The free version of AutoFTP offers basic FTP functionality, however it does not support Windows 7. The professional version features task scheduling whilst the more expensive premium version also offers encryption, zipping and unzipping functionality.


53. Global Downloader

Price: FREE

A free FTP client that offers additional features such as download manager and a peer to peer client.

Global Downloader FTP Client


Price: €24.95

A reliable FTP client that comes with a built-in HTML editor for editing files. Files can be previewed remotely and there is a task scheduler too.


55. Robo-FTP

Price: $149.99

A secure FTP client that automates file transfers and tasks. It is used by many large companies and institutions.


56. Total Commander

Price: $44

A file manager and FTP client that works with every version of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows 8. It allows you to compare files and files can be transferred from one server to another.

Total Commander

57. 3D-FTP

Price: $39.95

3D-FTP is a secure FTP client that offers remote file editing, folder synchronisation and task scheduling. It also offers bookmarking and selectable themes for customising the look of the application.


58. BatchSync FTP

Price: $399 (BatchSync FTP) / $599 (BatchSync Secure FTPS/SFTP)

From the makers of 3D-FTP, BatchSync FTP is a fast FTP client that allows you to schedule backups, file and folder synchronisation, transfer speed limiting, task scheduling and on-the-fly file compression.

BatchSync FTP

59. InstantSync FTP

Price: $69 (InstantSync FTP) / $99 (InstantSync Secure FTPS/SFTP)

Another FTP client from the developers of 3D-FTP. InstantSync FTP offers folder syncing, task scheduling and automatic reconnects.

InstantSync FTP


Price: FREE

A user-friendly FTP client that offers quick search, image previews and single-click transfers.



Price: FREE

A simple FTP client that allows the transfer of files larger than 4GB in size. Make sure you add the free serial number (KNR5-S4FS-5264-CNP6) to the application to register the product.


62. FTP Explorer

Price: $35.99

A basic FTP client that lacks the advanced features that most other premium FTP clients have.

FTP Explorer

63. FTP Rush

Price: FREE

FTP Rush is a powerful FTP client that supports all major protocols. Local folders can be synced to your host and files can be transferred automatically from one server to another.

FTP Rush


64. BareFTP

Price: FREE

A reliable FTP client from Christian Eide that supports bookmarking, password protection and connection recovery.


65. gFTP

Price: FREE

A free FTP client that works with any UNIX based machine. It allows you to transfer files from one server to another and offers bookmarking for saving profiles.

gFTP Ftp Client

66. Konqueror

Price: FREE

An advanced file manager for KDE that offers a FTP client, PDF viewer, text editor, document editor and more.

Konqueror File Manager

67. FtpCube

Price: FREE

A python-based FTP client that has an interface inspired by LeechFTP, an abandoned FTP client that I used for many years myself. It offers site management, transfer queuing and remote directory caching.


68. Kasablanca

Price: FREE

A free FTP client written in c++. It features a bookmarking system and the ability to transfer files from one server to another.

Kasablanca FTP Client

69. Midnight Commander

Price: FREE

Midnight Commander is a text-based file manager that includes an internal editor with syntax highlighting.

Midnight Commander File Manager

Web Based

70. AnyClient

Price: FREE

AnyClient also offer a free multi-platform FTP client, however it is there web based FTP client that many people know them for. It offers 256-bit encryption and supports connections to cloud storage services such as Amazon S3.


71. net2ftp

Price: FREE

A user-friendly web-based FTP client that allows you to edit remote files using a WYSIWYG editor. It also allows you to unzip files and transfer files and folders from one server to another.

net2ftp FTP Client

72. FireFTP

Price: FREE

FireFTP is an add on for the Firefox browser that works across all platforms. It features SSL, TLS and SFTP support, and is available in over 20 languages.


73. SmoothFTP

Price: FREE

A simple web-based FTP client that can unzip the contents of a zip file after uploading. Multiple folders and files can be downloaded as a zip file too.


74. FTPLive

Price: FREE

A free web-based service that offers basic FTP functionality. It is fairly limited compared to the other web-based FTP solutions.


75. JavaFTP

Price: FREE

As the name suggests, JavaFTP is loaded within your browser using a Java plugin. It only supports basic FTP operations.


Final Thoughts

I hope you found this list of FTP clients useful. As you have seen, the functionality between FTP clients varies greatly, with some free applications offering more than their premium alternatives. They all boast different features so it really comes down to what operating system you are using and what functionality you need.

Featured image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

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