My Website Hosting Woes in 2015

If you own a website, then you have undoubtedly had a bad experience with a hosting company at one time or another. Sadly, over the last couple of months I have had a terrible time with hosting companies.

After being reliably hosted with KnownHost for a couple of years, I received a DDoS attack. When this happened, KnownHost quickly disabled my hosting plan and advised me to leave. They later changed their mind but when it happened again a few weeks later, I knew I had to find a host with good DDoS protection as they had stopped responding to emails and just wanted me to leave.

Unfortunately, I chose a company called Limestone Networks, who turned out to be the worst hosting company that I have ever used in sixteen years of working online (partly due to me making a rushed decision about finding a new hosting company).

I published a video about website hosting today. In the video I give a brief introduction to website hosting and speak about the problems I have faced over the last few months.

If you own a website yourself and would like to know more about hosting, I recommend watching it.

A Vlog About Website Hosting

Hosting companies referenced in the above video:

Website backup services referenced in my video:

I also referenced the server management company Server Surgeon, the performance and security service CloudFlare, the blacklist checking service MxToolbox, and the website hosting discussion forum WebHostingTalk.

Last but not least, I referenced my internet marketing discussion forum Rise Forums.

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