My Website Hosting Woes in 2015

If you own a website, then you have undoubtedly had a bad experience with a hosting company at one time or another. Sadly, over the last couple of months I have had a terrible time with hosting companies.

After being reliably hosted with KnownHost for a couple of years, I received a DDoS attack. When this happened, KnownHost quickly disabled my hosting plan and advised me to leave. They later changed their mind but when it happened again a few weeks later, I knew I had to find a host with good DDoS protection as they had stopped responding to emails and just wanted me to leave.

Unfortunately, I chose a company called Limestone Networks, who turned out to be the worst hosting company that I have ever used in sixteen years of working online (partly due to me making a rushed decision about finding a new hosting company).

I published a video about website hosting today. In the video I give a brief introduction to website hosting and speak about the problems I have faced over the last few months.

If you own a website yourself and would like to know more about hosting, I recommend watching it.

A Vlog About Website Hosting

Hosting companies referenced in the above video:

Website backup services referenced in my video:

I also referenced the server management company Server Surgeon, the performance and security service CloudFlare, the blacklist checking service MxToolbox, and the website hosting discussion forum WebHostingTalk.

Last but not least, I referenced my internet marketing discussion forum Rise Forums.

If you operate a WordPress website, I encourage you to check out my Managed WordPress Hosting directory. It lists the top website hosting companies that offer specialist WordPress features such as website staging, daily backups, WordPress security, integrated content delivery networks and more.

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