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Follow Me On TwitterWelcome Twitter User! Thanks for checking out my profile on Twitter.

My name is Kevin Muldoon and I am self employed webmaster and blogger. I won’t bore you with the details on this page as you can read all about it on my about page :)

Wondering if I am worth following? Well, on Twitter you can expect a wide range of thoughts, rants and comments though I do speak a lot about technology, gaming, sports and webmaster/blogging related issues. If you are interested in those subjects then please follow me.

To make Twitter more manageable, I don’t follow a lot of people back on Twitter. I tend to only follow people I work with online or people who I have regular discussions on Twitter with. Please don’t be offended if I don’t follow you back. If you follow me and reply to my tweets regularly and we build up a rapport then I will likely follow you back :)

Here are the main reasons I would never follow someone back :

  • Post no updates – Seriously, what’s the point of following someone if they don’t actually use Twitter!
  • Following a lot of people and not updating – Are you following 2,000 people but only have 300 followers and you rarely update?
  • Every tweet is a link – I have no interest in following people who do nothing but post links to their own websites. I don’t mind linking at all but if there is no interaction showing on your posts it’s clear that the owner is not checking the account and is merely using it to promote a site.
  • No @replies – I don’t think Twitter is a one way street. I am looking to follow people who interact on Twitter.
  • Different interests – You might be a fantastic Twitterer and be a really cool, funny person. However, if you post mainly on a subject that I have no interest in, I will probably not follow you back. Please don’t take offense by this :)

Happy Tweeting!

Kevin Muldoon

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