What laptop should I get for travelling?

I noticed that I hadn’t posted in close to a week so I thought I would clarify my posting frequency just incase someone thought I had decided to stop posting here. I just want to remind new readers and subscribers that posts on this blog may be irregular. I squeeze posts here around my regular work so you may find 3 posts one day and then nothing for a few days. :)

On Thursday I decided to sell my Eee PC after owning it for around 6 weeks. I hadn’t been using it for a while and I whilst I loved it, the Eee just isn’t suitable for what I need in a travel laptop. I found that it was quite difficult to type long articles on and the screen was just a little too small for my liking. Of course, the Eee 900 is out 1st May and has a 8.9 inch screen, 12gb hard drive and XP (or 20gb if you get it with linux). Spec wise it’s certainly more along the lines im looking for but the keyboard is still cramped.

So what laptop should I get?

What Laptop should I get?I want a 2nd laptop which may be used occasionally around the house but is mainly for travelling. I will be using it to work online when I’m travelling, on holiday or whatever. All I need to operate online is FireFox (browser), TextPad (text editor), Netfile (FTP) and PhotoShop. A good inbuilt webcam and mic is essential too as I use skype and msn messenger a lot to talk to associates.

Since I will be travelling, obviously portability is essential. I used the Sony VGN T2XP for a few years and that was a fantastic laptop. A good screen and keyboard is essential so I want to find a balance between that and portability – a 8.9″ is the lowest screen size I would get and a 12″ screen is probably the largest.

I don’t have a budget in mind as such and would be willing to spend a lot however since my needs are basic (ie. as long as it runs photoshop etc) I think it would be silly to spend a few grand, particuarly when you are more at risk of losing it when your travelling (though I love the new Sony TZ3).

I’ve looked at dozens of portable laptops the last few days so I do have a few in mind though I’d love to hear your suggestions :)

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