Why I’m Relaunching This Blog And Why You Should Subscribe

If you’re came to this website, you’ve probably came across a blog post or feature length article that I’ve written for another website and wanted to know a little more about me. If you know nothing about me or my work online, I encourage you to have a quick read of my about page to get a quick understanding of who I am and what I do :)

A Brief History Of KevinMuldoon.com

I was lucky enough to register KevinMuldoon.com 10 years ago (2002). Back then it was a simple page which listed other websites I owned and domain names I was trying to sell. I never had any major plans for the website and I must admit that a big part of me registering the domain was so that I could email people using kevinmuldoon.com email addresses to make me seem more professional.

5 years later I removed the simple holding page and replaced it with a blog. At the start of 2007 I had launched my the website Blogging Tips and was blogging regularly on my own website and on others (Blogging Tips is now run by my friend Zac Johnson).

This blog was never ever a priority for me. I spent most of my days working on my main projects so my personal blog became nothing more than an outlet – a place for me to post about some personal issues, publish funny images and the occasional update about my websites. The content wasn’t always good or relevant but I enjoyed updating it when I had time.

As I was never updating the blog, I deactivated the blog a year ago and replaced it with a resume template (shown below). This was a wise move as a dead blog can reflect bad on its owner. The resume highlighted my work and had a simple contact form for people to get in touch with me.

Old Kevin Muldoon Resume Design

I made sure that I never deleted my blog during this time as I knew there would be a time when I may want to bring it back.

Why I am Relaunching KevinMuldoon.com As A Blog

My last major project WPMods.com was sold in May this year to WP Hub owner Michael Jackness. After a 2 month return trip to Scotland (I had been staying in Colombia for a year), me and my girlfriend returned to South America to begin our road trip around this great continent. This had been a dream of mine for many years and it has been nothing short of amazing. We will be travelling around South America until Summer 2013.

In a weird way, I have missed the normality of working online some days. I launched 3 martial arts forums shortly after the sale of WP Mods but it was always my intention to launch one or two new professional blogs before the end of 2013.

Helping Others

One of the most enjoyable aspects of blogging over the last 5 years has been helping other people develop, market and profit from their websites. I did this extensively through the support forums I added to my previous blogs Blogging Tips (blogging advice) and WP Mods (WordPress). I’ve also received hundreds of emails from WordPress users via the articles I have published on my own websites and as guest posts on places such as Smashing Magazine.

Receiving thanks from other bloggers and webmasters has been one of the most rewarding part of working online and it’s something I want to focus on more over the next few years.

Moving Forward

Over the last few months I have been travelling through Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Internet connections in Peru and Bolivia were particularly bad with the average download speed being between 50 and 100 kilobytes (i.e. 0.05 – 0.1 mb). This made the internet almost unusable at times although the flip side was that it gave me a lot of time to think about what my next project would be.

I did a lot of research on this issue and looked at a range of different blog topics such as gadgets, software tips, design, entertainment and much more. I wanted to make sure that one of the two blogs I launch covered something I was passionate about.

That topic was blogging. I wanted to launch a blog which showed people how to make money online through blogging. I wanted to share with them what I have learned over the last 12-13 years of working online. I feel I am in a unique position to talk about these subjects as I am a blog owner and editor but I also blog for others on a regular basis. This has helped me to see both sides.

During my search for a suitable domain name, I started considering writing about all of these topics on my own blog. There are obviously pros and cons to launching a site with your own domain. For example, you can’t sell the website later if your circumstances change. It also means that you can’t adapt the blog later to be a multi-author blog.

After thinking about these issues, I came to the conclusion that the pros far outweighed the cons, particularly as I talk about other things I love elsewhere. Facebook has become the place I share funny stories and pictures with friends. I also chat about MMA on MMA Forums and martial arts on Black Belt Forums. Therefore this blog can be more focused on more practical topics which people will find useful.

Sharing what I have learned on this blog will:

  • Help other bloggers and webmasters.
  • Raise my profile and allow me to network with a lot of great people.
  • Allow me to share tricks, tips and problems I have with my websites.

I’ll actively be looking at ways that I can improve my own productivity online and be sharing what I learn with you all.

Why You Should Subscribe

I’m really excited about the relaunch of this blog and my future plans for the site. I will primarily be writing about the following subjects:

  • Blogging & Writing
  • Marketing and Making Money
  • WordPress
  • Social Media
  • Technology & Software
  • Productivity

In a short brainstorming session I came up with over 50 ideas for articles. I am very passionate about all of the topics above and I can’t wait to share with you all what I have learned. Questions from readers will also be addressed in future blog posts and I may occasionally share my love of travel too :)

If you are interested in any of the subjects noted above, I encourage you to subscribe to my email list. All blog posts will be delivered to your email. It’s free to subscribe and very easy to unsubscribe if you later change your mind and no longer want to receive updates.

Thanks for taking the time to read this update. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you all so if you have time, please leave a comment and introduce yourself.


I am an experienced blogger who has been working on the internet since 2000. On this blog, I talk about WordPress, internet marketing, YouTube, technology and travelling.
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