12 Admin Themes For WordPress

The WordPress admin area got a new lick of paint last year, however the interface has not changed much in many years. In many respects, the admin area looks dated when compared to other blogging platforms such as SquareSpace and Ghost.

As you would expect, there are many plugins available that address this issue and change the way your admin area looks. Some of these plugins simply change the colour scheme of your admin area; others will completely change the way you administrate your WordPress website.

There are many reasons for using an admin theme plugin.

  • Clients – Those of you who are designing WordPress websites for clients will be able to present customers with a more professional looking user interface.
  • Better User Interface
    From a productivity point of view, changing the way WordPress looks can improve your working environment.
  • Something Different – Perhaps, you are simply sick of looking at the same old admin area every day and want something different.

So without further ado, let’s look at some of the best admin theme plugins available for WordPress.

1. Bootstrap Admin

Bootstrap Admin is a minimalist admin theme that is based on Twitter Bootstrap. It should appeal to those of you who are looking for a clean interface.

Bootstrap Admin

2. Coffee Admin Theme

Coffee Admin Theme is a dark admin theme that lets you change the default font that is used.

Coffee Admin Theme

3. MP6

Developed by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg, MP6 is a stylish dark theme that has a professional clean interface. It seems to be used as a way of testing out new ideas for the official WordPress interface, so do not be surprised if you see elements of it introduced into the WordPress core one day.


4. WP Quick Admin Themes

WP Quick Admin Themes sell an advanced light and dark admin theme. Each version comes with eight different colour schemes and a huge amount of customisation options. Key areas of the admin area can be disabled or changed using the plugin, such as your admin bar, widgets and logo. It also has an import and export option for transferring configurations to other WordPress installations.

The light and dark admin themes both retail for $12 each, however you can pick up both for $20. It’s a great option if you want to create something unique for a client.

WP Quick Admin Themes

5. Easy Blogging

Easy Blogging is an admin interface plugin from WPMU that aims to simply the WordPress admin area. It is a good option for clients with little experience of WordPress as tool tips are integrated into the interface. These tips walk through beginners on how basic WordPress functions work.

The plugin can be downloaded with a free account from WPMU.

Easy Blogging

6. Retina Press

Retina Press is a beautiful high-definition admin design that features iPhone style check boxes. It boasts a jQuery powered menu system and it changes the login page too.

The plugin retails for $12 from CodeCanyon.

Retina Press

7. Blue Admin

Blue Admin is a simple blue admin theme that has a clean interface.

Blue Admin

8. DP Dashboard

DP Dashboard is a fantastic looking admin theme that comes in a light and dark version. The interface replaces common links with large user-friendly buttons. Developers can customise the theme easily using custom CSS.

The plugin is free to DevPress.com members (a membership costs $40 for the first year).

DP Dashboard

9. SP-Admin

SP-Admin is a clean WordPress admin theme that adds a self-professed “modern spin” on the normal user interface.


10. BAW Better Admin Color Themes

BAW Better Admin Color Themes adds four additional colour schemes to your admin area. It also allows you to change the icons that are used.

BAW Better Admin Color Themes

11. Sudo Juice Admin Dashboard Theme

Sudo Juice Admin Dashboard Theme is a simple admin theme that offers a dark alternative to the default WordPress colour scheme.

Sudo Juice Admin Dashboard Theme

12. Juiz Smart Mobile Admin

If you do not like any of the official WordPress mobile apps, you may want to consider Juiz Smart Mobile Admin. Your admin area will remain the same on desktops, however when you login to your admin area on a mobile device, you will see an interface that is perfect for mobile devices.

It has support for zoom on iOS devices and has support for the WordPress admin bar.

Juiz Smart Mobile Admin

What’s your favourite admin theme for WordPress?


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