How Should WordPress Developers Market Multiple Products?

Diego from GreenTreeLabs recently asked me an interesting question about marketing multiple WordPress products.

Hi Kevin, I develop and sell WordPress plugins. My problem is that I currently have many websites, one for each plugin, and every site has a different style and theme.

I’d like to have a unique style, a brand identity, but I also want to keep the unique identity of my plugins, so I don’t want their sites looking almost the same.

What do you think is better for me? Keeping different sites and style or having them all under a unique brand style? Is it better having a domain for each site or many 3rd levels of the same brand domain?

Diego currently has a unique website for each of his products. This includes Final Tiles Grid Gallery, Mikado Gallery, and Circles Gallery.

You can view my video response to Diego below:

How Should WordPress Developers Market Multiple Products?

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