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Event calendars can be used to show a schedule of events using timetables and lists. Visitors can not only see the events you have coming up, they can also sign up and book a ticket directly through your website.

WordPress has become the platform of choice for hosting event calendars. This makes is simple to incorporate professional event management functionality into your website.

Modern Events Calendar

Modern Events Calendar

Modern Events Calendar is a professional event calendar solution that offers that lets visitors that features an advanced event and booking system. It features many calendar views,
options to make events recurring, and integrates with many third-party WordPress plugins.Events can easily be imported into Modern Events Calendar from other WordPress event calendar plugins too.

The free version of Modern Events Calendar has hundreds of options, however if you upgrade you will unlock advanced features such as bookings, payments, attendee lists, and much more. The pro version also gives you access to a range of addons that expand functionality even further.

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