Work Developments Within The Last Week

I have been doing a lot of planning and research the last few weeks into what I will be doing workwise over the next few months. The first thing I did was decide to get rid of any sites which take up my time but aren’t part of my long time strategy.

Therefore I sold, a blog I purchased last year but never really updated, a few days ago. Thankfully, I managed to recoup what I paid for it.

I am also planning on selling Time To Tweet in a day or so too, a Twitter related blog which I started a few months ago. I’ve managed to build up close to 10,000 Twitter followers for the sites associated Twitter account, which should help with the sale of the site.

Basic HTML : An Introduction to HTML for Bloggers

Selling up sites which take up my time allow me to spend more time on my main blog Blogging Tips. Today saw the release of my first e-book through Blogging Tips: ‘Basic HTML : An Introduction to HTML for Bloggers‘. It’s a 63 page book which covers the basics of HTML, something which I think most bloggers need to learn the basics of. It should prove to be a useful resource for readers and a good traffic source for the site for years to come. I plan on writing more guides and e-books for the site over the next few months.

Another site I hope to develop more is Blog Themes Club, a WordPress theme store which I recently launched with my associate Sarah Anderson. I am planning on putting all my energy into both of these sites over the next few months, not least because they complement each other. I think it will be a long time before Blogging Tips makes a good income from advertising, certainly not the level of income I want to generate. However, the site should prove to be a great place to sell blogging related products directly on the site or indirectly through a sister site.

Lastly, by selling these sites I hope it allows me to post on this blog more often. Though, no doubt the posts will continue to be random! :)


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