Would you buy a Twitter Account?

TechCrunch today announced that Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron is selling his Twitter account on ebay.

As expected, a debate has been sparked around whether this is even allowed and more importantly, what effect will this have on Twitter. Currently the account has reached $510 on ebay and with 9 days to go I’m sure it will go for a few thousand dollars. I don’t know too much about Andrew Baron but I suspect he is doing this to raise a point and get some traffic along the way (he has done both!).

Will this backfire on him? I don’t think I’d be too happy with someone if they asked me to follow them and then proceeded to sell their account. At the very least I would be reluctant to take part in or support and future ventures from the person.

An interesting discussion has started on Chris Brogan’s blog, check it out if you have time.
Chris Brogan’s View on the subject : Is Your Community For Sale

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