Month: February 2008

What do you think of eBay’s policy on Google Checkout

We were listing some of our shop items for sale today on eBay when I noticed what I would personally call a very unfair policy from eBay towards Google and it’s checkout users. I listed the item for sale and put PayPal as the only payment option but since we …


More SSL Fun

A few days ago I wrote about my first experience with Secure Sockets Layer certificates. After a brief search on the net I chose Instant SSL. As I explained the other day, since we don’t have our PO box set up yet and since we are still operating from home …


The Journey into Ecommerce Continues

After a few weeks of limbo due to our bank taking so long with delivering our visa cards, we have finally been able to move forward with our online shop (which I will post the details of in a week or so when it is completely ready). Yesterday was a …