What do you think of eBay’s policy on Google Checkout

We were listing some of our shop items for sale today on eBay when I noticed what I would personally call a very unfair policy from eBay towards Google and it’s checkout users.

I listed the item for sale and put PayPal as the only payment option but since we accept Google Checkout in our shop I added this at the bottom of the sales description

Whilst PayPal is preferred we can also accept Google Checkout. Please contact us if you are interested in paying using an alternative payment method

It turns out that if you enter the term ‘Google Checkout’ anywhere in the auction you will get this message

You cannot submit your listing due to the following problems

Attention Sellers!

It appears you are offering Google Checkout as a payment method which is not permitted in the eBay marketplace. Buyers have a wide variety of choices when deciding how to pay sellers. Most payment methods offer a high degree of safety and convenience, however, a few simply are not appropriate for the eBay marketplace. Based on safety concerns and input from the Community, eBay established an Accepted Payments Policy that clarifies eBay’s position on payment methods.

Please revise your listing by removing the non-permitted payment method.

Whilst I understand that eBay and PayPal are the same company, I think it’s unfair that they are excluding other payment services from eBay, surely they should include more payment options for users. What do you think of eBay’s Google Checkout policy?

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