Month: November 2008

Just a little bit longer Sir

Like all Amazon customers, I get emails from Amazon every now with recommendations for books, dvds and games etc based on my previous purchases through them. Unlike a lot of emails from online sites, I don’t mind these emails at all as they regularly recommend good products. At the end …


Chaning the direction of ProTycoon

I decided to change the direction of my blog ProTycoon. The blog had started life as a making money online blog and when I took over the site a month ago I continued writing about those topics. However, making money online I don’t really enjoy writing about. There are hundreds …


Did You Know?

An interesting look at online facts from the past, present and future :)

UFC Undisputed 2009

I spoke about Dana White dropping Jon Fitch the other day because he wouldn’t give up his image rights for the upcoming UFC game. That issue aside, UFC Undisputed 2009 actually looks like a pretty good game. I had UFC Throwdown for the GameCube years ago. It was ok but …


UFC drops Jon Fitch due to Video Game

I read today that Jon Fitch has been dropped from the UFC because of his refusal to give up his name and likeness rights for a lifetime. From GameSpot : Thanks to a reported dispute over an upcoming THQ game, a group of Ultimate Fighting Championship fighters are about to …


Google Adds themes to GMail

I noticed tonight that Google has addded Themes to GMail and I have to say, they’re really cool. To change from the default theme all you need to do is go to the settings area in Gmail and then click on the new Themes tab. Here’s a preview of some …


Super Obama World

This is suprisingly a good little game :) Click on the image to play :)

Call of Duty World At War has arrived

I love you Play! Delivering one of the most anticipated games of the year 2 days before the official release date. I’m a big Call of Duty fan so it’s going to be hard to get any work done over the next few days.

Google Adds Video and Voice to Google Chat

I read today about the addition of video and audio to the chat option in GMail. I use gmail to read the dozen or so email addresses I have and I use the chat every now and then too so this is a nice addition. Before it was just a …