Chaning the direction of ProTycoon

I decided to change the direction of my blog ProTycoon. The blog had started life as a making money online blog and when I took over the site a month ago I continued writing about those topics. However, making money online I don’t really enjoy writing about.

There are hundreds of making money online blogs out there already. I didn’t want to just repeat what has been said time after time on other blogs but I didn’t feel like I had anything to add either. Which is why I decided to change the focus of the blog to Domain Names, a topic I enjoy reading about myself.

There’s a chance I will lose a few subscribers because of this topic change but the blog is still pretty new anyways so it isn’t a major concern. Previously I was finding updating the blog a chore so I know this will prove to be a wise decision and I’m excited about developing the site more.

I am an experienced blogger who has been working on the internet since 2000. On this blog, I talk about WordPress, internet marketing, YouTube, technology and travelling.
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