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Case Study: Selling an Old Website at a Huge Loss

It is common for those who work online to share their successes with the world. Whether it be a successful launch of a new product, a new sales record or a new social media milestone, people who work online do like to pay themselves on the back to demonstrate social …



Reaching the 10,000 Milestone on YouTube

Four days ago, I received an email from YouTube advising me that my main YouTube channel had reached the 10,000 subscriber milestone. This is a significant point in a YouTube channel’s growth, so to mark this milestone, I published a short video thanking my subscribers. In the video, I talk …


Migrating Websites From OVH to VULTR

Changing your website hosting setup is rarely an enjoyable experience; particularly if you adopt a hands-on approach and deal with it all yourself. The other day I explained my disappointment with VaultPress. I had used the VaultPress backup service since it launched in 2010 and their one-click restore feature should …


Working on Website

A Reflection of My Progress in 2018

Where does the time go? OK. I sound like an old man starting an article with a statement like that, but it’s the best way to summarise what I’m thinking. We’re approaching mid October already and I am struggling to work out where the time went. It has admittedly been …


Goodbye Blog Comments

When I first started blogging daily in the mid 2000s, comments were everything. They were a big indicator of a blog’s success and, from my point of view, it was always rewarding to hear from the people who read my articles. Back then, bloggers dictated the discussion point, but readers …


Passing the YouTube 1,000 Subscriber Mark

My YouTube journey started a little over four years ago in January 2013. I was travelling around South America at the time so my upload schedule was sporadic, but even when I stopped travelling it would be another few years before I took YouTube more seriously. Today I upload videos …


The Importance of Enjoying What You Do

Over the last few months I have been publishing less blog posts and publishing more YouTube videos. This was not an accident; it was a conscious decision by me to change what I was focusing on online. I have always enjoyed writing, but I have been focusing on writing articles …


Case Study: The Rebranding of Rise Forums

Rise Forums is the internet community I launched in 2013. It focuses on many topics including affiliate marketing, WordPress, website development, hosting and domains, video and audio, and more. As with any website, over time that good looking website design you once loved will start to look old and dated. …


January 2015 Income Report

I take a look back at how this blog performed in January 2015. Traffic, income, and expenses, are all detailed.

It’s Time to Focus on High Quality Content

Every month I give a quick report in my income reports on whether traffic to this blog has gone or up down. Some months my traffic goes up. Some months it goes down. My reports on the growth of traffic to this blog have been uninspiring (to say the least). …