The Importance of Enjoying What You Do

Over the last few months I have been publishing less blog posts and publishing more YouTube videos. This was not an accident; it was a conscious decision by me to change what I was focusing on online.

I have always enjoyed writing, but I have been focusing on writing articles so much over the last few years that I was sickening myself with it. I was burning myself out by it and not enjoying enough variety in my work.

Writing too much was making me hate something I loved. Something which I have always been passionate about.

In contrast, working with video has given me a new lease of life. My growth on YouTube has been painfully slow, but I still love creating videos. I’m working hard on finding a new audience for my love of technology and gaming and I love doing internet marketing related videos too.

I recorded a video about this issue last week whilst driving into Glasgow. I hope you enjoy it.

If You Aren't Enjoying What You Do, Do Something Else

I am learning a lot of new video editing and production skills, but the best thing about diversifying the work I am doing online is that when I do return to writing I am enjoying it much more. It’s a win win situation.

In the long term I hope to be able to start earning a good income from YouTube and continue to make money through my blog and websites too. Thankfully, the work I am doing on YouTube compliments the work I do on this website. For example, rather than simply focus on written reviews, I can also publish detailed video reviews of products and services.

This blog is always going to be at the heart of everything I do online, though in the future I want to connect with my audience through audio and video and not simply rely on written reviews. A regular vlog for all of you could be fun too.

I have no doubt that many of you who have been working online for years have reached a point where you feel a little burned out. A point where you feel that you are stagnating and not moving forward. When that happens, I think it is important to take a step back and think about what you want to do in life.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this so please leave a comment below if you have time :)


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