A Look at Some Crappy Warrior Special Offers (WSOs)

Warrior Forum is home to one of the shadiest webmaster marketplaces on the internet. Their Warrior Special Offers discussion room is a haven for scammers. You do get the off piece of software being sold there from time to time which is useful, but in general 99% of the “Products” (if you can call them that) being sold there are awful.

The items being sold there are commonly referred to as WSOs because of the room they are listed in. I get emails every now and then asking if a particular product is a scam; and the vast majority of them do look like they are.

I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the WSOs being sold in a video to highlight how ludicrous some of these items are.

Let's Look at Some Crappy Warrior Special Offers (WSOs)

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