Month: May 2009

Peek – Mobile Email Solution

Emailing is a very important aspect of what I do online. I use to get updates about certain news, to stay in contact with bloggers who write for me and to respond to questions about my sites, be it a technical query from a reader or an advertiser looking to …


Would You Use This Toilet?

Have a look at the toilet below….bit radical isn’t it. The question is, would you use it? But have a look at the inside of the toilet, would you still use this toilet?

Do You Want To Wear Sex Panther?

Anyone who has seen Will Ferells excellent Anchorman will remember this scene about the ultimate after shave ‘Sex Panther’. I was browsing FireBox today noticed that you can now buy it for £29.95. Not sure if it’s any good. Probably quite expensive for a gimmick but it would be a …


Download Windows 7 Release Candidate For Free

Fancy messing about with Mircosofts upcoming Windows 7 operating system for free? For another few months (July 2009) Microsoft are letting people do just that. The Release Candidate will work until June 1, 2010 but from March 1 2010 it will kind of be unusable unless you purchase a license …


Ricky Hatton vs Manny Pacquiao

Here’s the Hatton Pacman fight for those who missed it last night (well this morning for me!).