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Emailing is a very important aspect of what I do online. I use to get updates about certain news, to stay in contact with bloggers who write for me and to respond to questions about my sites, be it a technical query from a reader or an advertiser looking to advertise on one of my blogs.

Recently I have been looking at the best solution for me to check email on the move. One of my friends recently got the new Blackberry Bold and I was very impressed with it. With it’s push email option, a Blackberry phone is definately something I will consider the next time I upgrade my phone.

Unfortunately, my last phone contract tied me up for 18 months so I cannot get a new phone until December 2009, 7 months from now. Currently there are some fantastic deals in the UK on new phone contracts offering unlimited texts and unlimited internet. Unfortunately, this was not the case a year ago and as it stands, using the web on my Nokia N95 costs a pretty penny with orange.

Therefore, I have been looking around at other solutions. One of the devices I came across was the Peek. The Peek is a portable emailing device which works with most email providers including Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL.


In the video below Amol Sarva gives a brief look at the Peek. As you can see, it’s really thin, and it’s shape reminds me of the Nokia E71.

Unfortunately, the Peek is only currently available in the states. If you’re from the US, you will have two options. You can get either

  • Peek Pronto : Costing $79.95 and then $19.95 a month, the pronto lets you have 5 email accounts and unlimited texts and emails.
  • Peek Classic – The standard Peek costs $49.95 and then $19.95 a month however there is no texting option and you can only use 2 email accounts

Without a doubt, the Peek Pronto offers much better value for money.

I know this device is not for everyone as you can’t make any calls or use the internet. But those who need to check their email a lot should take a look at it these push email devices.

It’s just a shame nothing like this exists in the UK :)

Link : Get Peek

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