Blackberry Pearl – £179.99 with Unlimited Emails & Internet

Yesterday I talked about how I have been looking at mobile email solutions. The device I found, the Peek, is unfortunately only available in the United States.

A few days ago though I came across this advertisement for the Blackberry Pearl.

Blackberry Pearl

Whilst the BlackBerry 8110 is not a top of the range phone, it does have push email. You can pick it up sim free for about £130.00 so £179.99 for the phone AND unlimited email and internet is a great offer (particularly on pay as you go). However, this is a great offer only if you don’t use your phone much as you don’t get free minutes or free texts so if you were using it regularly as a phone, I think you’d be better off getting a contract.

I don’t particularly want to carry two phones around with me so this is obviously not the best solution for me.

I have found a good temporary solution which suits me though. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow :)

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