Month: October 2009

World of Warcraft Fail

And they say video games are addictive!! Note to self, never cancel someones World of Warcraft account!

Postman Pat

I defy anyone to watch this dubbed version of Postman Pat and not burst out laughing. I nearly wet myself at the start when he’s driving round the corner. (sorry, embedding isn’t enabled so you’ll have to watch it on youtube).

The Drunken Mind

It still amazes me how stupid the drunken mind is. This morning I woke up trying to piece together what happened the night before. A common problem on the final day of a stag do. We had been drinking for two days in Whitley Bay, the seaside town which lies …


Mos Eisley

Great stuff from Peter Serafinowicz.

Customer Service Emails

My mate Dave forwarded me these emails today. I thought they were hilarious so I thought I would share them with you all :) From: David Thorne Date: Thursday 21 May 2009 10.16am To: Helen Bailey Subject: Pets in the building Dear Helen, Thank you for your letter concerning pets …


Best of Leon Black

After Larry himself, Leon Black is arguably the funniest character in Curb your Enthusiasm. He’s always helping Larry out but inevitably, makes every situation worse by accident. Below is a quality roundup video of some of his best moments. Enjoy :)

Enter the Fat Dragon

I came across this clip of a young Sammo Hung impersonating the legend Bruce Lee. Quite funny. It still surprises me how flexible and agile Sammo is for his size and shape.