The Drunken Mind

It still amazes me how stupid the drunken mind is. This morning I woke up trying to piece together what happened the night before. A common problem on the final day of a stag do.

We had been drinking for two days in Whitley Bay, the seaside town which lies 7 miles east of Newcastle. My phone appeared to have no power, which was strange as it was fully charged the night before, so I should have had juice for a few days.

I connected up the charger and plugged it in but it wasn't charging. I checked the keycard was in the power switch at the door and checked electricity was on by turning on the lights and the tv. But still no power.

I then decided to open up the back of my phone. For some reason my drunken mind decided to take off the back cover, lose the battery and then replace the back cover. Which clearly makes no sense. I can understand if the back cover was also lost or the cover was hanging off or something; but how did I manage to lose the battery and put the cover back on.

A fine mess you've got yourself into

I also did something which was out of character, even when being drunk. I went up to some guy who apparently looked like my friend Ricky from the back and did some strange kidney punch to his ribs. The guy was obviously pissed off and asked what I was doing and I just laughed. Thankfully my friend Joe was there to explain me out of any trouble.

It really is strange though. I assume it was just a playful punch as I'm not an aggressive person. I'm too chilled out to look for trouble or anything, won't go as far as saying I'm a pacifist but I'm, generally speaking, a happy smiley drunk. Thank god I didn't do it to the wrong guy haha.

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