Month: May 2014

20+ Cool BuddyPress Themes for 2014

BuddyPress is a powerful platform that allows you to build a WordPress powered community. It features profiles, groups, private messaging, friendship connections, and a fantastic notification system. Converting a regular WordPress theme into a BuddyPress ready theme involves modifying templates. That is why many people purchase BuddyPress themes that have …


PayPal Charges Too Much for International Payments

Fees are a necessary evil of receiving payments online. There are very few solutions online that offer low transaction fees. That’s a lie – there are alternative payment solutions out there that offer fair transfer fees. The problem is that very few people are using them. In the world of …


101 Fantastic One Page WordPress Themes for 2014

One page WordPress themes allow you to display all of your content on one long page. Rather than display content in separate pages, content is divided into sections on your home page. Your blog index will still work in the traditional way so that articles can be indexed by search …


Elegant Themes Release Divi 2.0 – And You Can Win a Copy!

Many of you know that I write regularly for the Elegant Themes blog. They are a great company to work with and I interact with their customers on a regular basis through the comment area of my blog posts. A common question from Elegant Themes customers over the last few …


Kontent Machine 3 Review

Kontent Machine Review: Generate Unique Content for SEO Link Building

Kontent Machine is a software application that aims to allow you to generate unique and relevant content. This content can then be used as part of your link building strategy to help improve the rank of your website in search engines. The fact that Kontent Machine integrates with some of …


Right to Be Forgotten Going to Be a Headache for Google

I am sure you caught the news this week that a European law has been passed that allows individuals to control their own data and ask search engines to remove search engine results about them. It is known as the “Right to Be Forgotten”. When you hear of stories of …


50 Inspiring Business Card Designs

In a world where every man and his dog carries a business card, it can be hard to stand out. Most people who receive business cards smile when they receive one and then get rid of them a few hours later. Some are lucky enough to find themselves at the …


Market Samurai Logo

Market Samurai Review – More Than Just a Keyword Research Tool

For a long time Market Samurai was widely considered to be the best keyword research tool available. However, since the arrival of Long Tail Pro (LTP), opinion has been divided as to which of these two products is the best option for finding profitable keywords, that are also easy to …