Month: October 2018

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Speed

How many times have you logged off or closed a website that was loading or reacting too slowly for you? Why should you waste time perusing a website that isn’t even optimized for speed? Or a website that doesn’t appreciate how much loading and interfacing speed is a convenience to …


Evolving From a Cypto Miner to a Crypto Trader

A few days ago I published a reflection post of my progress in 2018. I spoke about me spending time working on my YouTube channels, working on this blog, and more. I encourage you to check it out. One area which I did not delve too deep in that article …


Working on Website

A Reflection of My Progress in 2018

Where does the time go? OK. I sound like an old man starting an article with a statement like that, but it’s the best way to summarise what I’m thinking. We’re approaching mid October already and I am struggling to work out where the time went. It has admittedly been …