Month: August 2020


Taking My Tech YouTube Channel in a Different Direction

I do not enjoy sitting analysing statistics all day long, but from time to time it is important to review things. When I began to analyse traffic stats for my technology channel recently, it quickly became apparent that I need to change things moving forward. The channel continues to grow …


The Only Reason to Join a YouTube Network

YouTube Changes Mid-Roll Ad Break Policy

YouTube refers to any advertisements during a video as a “Mid-Roll Ad Break”. On 27 July 2020, YouTube introduced some changes to mid-roll ad breaks that change the number of advertisements that are shown during YouTube videos. Since most of my videos are longer than eight minutes, these changes effect …


WordPress Logo

Can You Have Too Many WordPress Plugins?

Ever since WordPress launched, many people have been advising others not to install many WordPress plugins. The thinking behind this is that when more WordPress plugins are installed on your website, your website will be slower and less secure. Is this actually true? In my experience, no. The number of …


How to Get Free Stuff

How to Get Free Products

Would you like to get valuable products sent to you every week free of charge? It is easier than you think. All you have to do is review products online and build up an audience. That’s it. Every week, I get hundreds of dollars worth of products sent to me …