500GB Optical Discs Being Developed

Blu-Rays were launched a few years ago but they still haven’t really caught on, well at least not to the extent of regular DVD’s. I can play Blu-Rays through my PlayStation 3 but movies are still really expensive in that format so I haven’t bought any movies in Blu-Ray, especially since regular DVD’s are so cheap now.

I’ve started to see Blu-Ray drives added more and more to laptops so it should be quite common within the next 2 years though perhaps it will be for backup rather than movies. By the time Blu-Ray really becomes mainstream I think that many people will just be downloading content (legally and illegally) to their Digital Recorders, which is already happening just now with things like Sky+ and Tivo etc, so perhaps it will become popular as a reliable backup for data.

After Blu-Ray

Well why am I talking about this. Well because I read today that they are developing a disc which can hold a massive 500GB. The disc is the same size as a regular DVD too.

I was impressed when the Blu-Ray disc was announced a few years ago because it could hold 50gb of data compared to the 8.5GB DVD’s had (single sided double layer) so a 500GB is just amazing. I’m still amazed at the fact that I bought a 1.5TB drive recently so to think that one day I could hold the same data in 3 discs is impressive.

You can read the full story on BBC at the link below.

Link : Optical disc offers 500GB storage

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