Why I’m Getting a Payment of Over $8,000 By Promoting Fiverr

I have badmouthed Fiverr on this blog many times due to an ongoing issue with their affiliate department. More recently I mentioned the issue in my article “Eleven Reasons Affiliate Marketing Sucks“.

Their affiliate department was always a disgrace. When they approached me about referring them on this blog they were enthusiastic and full of promises about being paid quickly. It did not take long for those promises to be broken. Payments were being paid later and later. Instead of paying me on the second or third day of the month automatically as their affiliate program promised, I was being paid weeks later only after sending them several emails complaining about non-payment.

Two years ago the situation got worse. They stopped responding to emails and they stopped paying me the affiliate commissions I was due. Twelve months later I finally got hold of someone in their department and I was sent a payment in August 2015 of $518. I had suspected the payment was short and I had converted more from the traffic I had sent them; however there was nothing I could do to dispute their findings.

No contact was made again by Fiverr since that payment last year. No payments were made. No direct emails were received. All I got was a daily email with an attached spreadsheet that contained no data. To this day I receive an email every single day with a spreadsheet with no data.

Their affiliate department was always handled badly and their software was poor too.

Hopefully, that is about to change.

After around a year of no contact, Dani Mansoor, a new affiliate manager for Fiverr, responded to an email I sent to them in June.

I have always placed a high importance of being honest and transparent on this blog. I was vocal about the poor way Fiverr treated me as an affiliate over the last few years, so it is only fair that I give you all an update on how they are trying to make amends.

A Brighter Future with Fiverr

Dani appears to be much more professional than his predecessors. He advised me that they are relaunching their affiliate program and hopes that I can continue sending them traffic.

Due to the current affiliate system in place, I had been completely blind as to how much money, if any, I had made with Fiverr over the last year.

When I checked my affiliate account it advised that between 1st August 2015 and 30 June 2016 I had sent 3,696 clicks and only made two conversions. I knew this was not correct. The account also stated the incorrect conversion rate of $14 instead of $17.

Fiverr Performance Report
The Fiverr Affiliate Program has been broken for years.

Dani advised me that I had actually 472 conversions during those eleven months, not two. This means that I earned a total of $8,024 during that time period. The payment is due to be paid at the start of August. Fingers crossed the money is paid into my bank account as agreed and there are no problems going forward.

I would be lying if I said I did not have some reservations about Fiverr moving forward. I have been treated terribly as an affiliate over the last couple of years and had promises about payments being paid by a certain time broken more times than I can remember.

I will be sure to let you know if the new affiliate program at Fiverr is as good as they are making it out to be. Fiverr is an easy sell as it’s a popular marketplace and there are a lot of good services available at low prices. Therefore, if they manage to sort out their affiliate program, you should be able to make good money with them.


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