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Purchasing a review provides many benefits including social proof, feedback, branding, an improved search engine ranking for your website, and more.

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Please Select Your Review Package
Review + Resource Listing
Bronze Plus
  •         Covers Main Features
            Covers Main Features
  •         Minimum 1,000 Words
            Minimum 1,000 Words
  •         No Directory Listing
            Resource Directory Listing
Silver Plus
  •         More Detailed Look
            More Detailed Look
  •         Minimum 1,500 Words
            Minimum 1,500 Words
  •         No Directory Listing
            Resource Directory Listing
Gold Plus
  •         Lengthy Review
            Lengthy Review
  •         Minimum 2,000 Words
            Minimum 2,000 Words
  •         No Directory Listing
            Resource Directory Listing

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The Benefit of a Written Review

There are many benefits to having your product or service reviewed on KevinMuldoon.com. You will obviously generate exposure to my readership when the article is published.

However, there are many other benefits.

  • You will give your customers, and potential customers, an honest look at your product or service
  • You can reference the article on your promotional material and quote any part of the review to enhance social proof
  • Since the review will be listed in search engines, you will create another way of people finding your product
  • You will receive honest criticism about your product or service and suggestions on how it can be improved

Below are some examples of products and services I have reviewed in the past:

Please feel free to check my blog archives to see more of the articles and reviews I have published.

Cost of Written Reviews

The price of a review is based on the number of words in the review. If you order a long review and it is not possible for me to write such a detailed review of your product or service, you review will be moved down to the suitable price level and a pro-rata refund will be given.

  • $300 – A minimum of 1,000 words
  • $400 – A minimum of 1,500 words
  • $500 – A minimum of 2,000 words

* Note: I no longer offer 500 word reviews as I feel they are too short and restrict me from reviewing a product properly.

Please be aware that I receive more than fifteen requests for reviews every week. I also have a backlog of over 150 potential affiliate products and services that I hope to review in the future; therefore I am not looking to review any products using an affiliate link at this time.

Payment ensures that if I do not have time to review your product or service, one of my authors will.

Have Any Questions?

Please contact me if you have any questions about purchasing a review. I will do my utmost to address your query as quickly as possible.