Affinity Designer – The Affordable Graphic Design Software

Graphic designing for your desktop and ipad just became easier with Affinity Designer. This designer has the perfect features that will help you beautify your computer and mobile screens in just the right way.

Graphic designing is an art that will elevate your business to new levels. It will also help you look more professional on your website. It has become mandatory for everyone to have a website for their business.

Hence, it makes more sense for you to make use of the right tools that will help you achieve exactly what you want with the minimum of effort. Affinity Designer helps you do just that with perfect tools that create the right impression among your clients.

Affinity Designer
Affinity Designer is available for Windows and Mac.

This article reviews all the features that affinity designer has and gives you a lowdown of its advantages and benefits. You can definitely get a clearer picture of this product by reading this review that will help you gauge this for yourself.

The Complete Graphic Design Solution

Affinity Designer is the complete graphic solution as it has been built by a team of creative professionals who have put their expertise and experience into the development of this vector software. The end product is extremely useful as it caters completely to all your business needs.

You can use the platform for a host of tasks:

  • Logo Design: There are many logo design software applications out there, but Affinity makes the process easy
  • Photo Editing: Affinity provides a complete suite for photo editing
  • Cover Design: You can easily create covers for e-books
  • Illustrations: Get creative there are no limits with affinity
The Affiliate Designer Interface
The Affiliate Designer interface is easy to navigate.

The Tool of Choice for Beautiful Illustrations

Affinity Designer has the finesse and sophistication of a fine arts expert that will mesmerize you with the effective combination of precise software, brilliant and attractive colors and diligent performance to automatically catapult your business to heights that you have never seen before.

Dazzling Colors

This app delivers in an exemplary fashion when it comes to colors. With a wide spectrum that ranges from the coolest to the fieriest of colors, Affinity Designer truly combines the functional with the aesthetic to give you the best shades and hues.

The resultant combinations available are absolutely mind-blowing. It definitely rules the roost when it comes to providing color to your screens.

Precise Curves

This app allows you to fine-tune your curves in such a precise way that you get the exact gradient that you want. This is definitely not available in other graphic design platforms. Hence, it definitely assists you to excel in this field.

Flawless Geometry

The enhanced technology of this app helps you get flawless geometry in your designs. No matter what shape or structure you want, with Affinity Designer you can definitely get the best that technology can offer.

Flawless Geometry
Use customisable live shapes.

Brush Stabilizing

With this facility, you can produce the best brush strokes to help you design everything from artwork to calligraphy. Definitely a big boost when it comes to providing best quality graphics.

Non-Destructive Operations

You can draw and design using Boolean operations by keeping the entire layout intact. Affinity designer is the only app that can achieve this remarkable feat.

Text to Impress

You can mix and match various options that can help you create the right fonts and styling that will help you get exactly the look that you want. This gives you enough freedom to create your own style that may eventually leave a lasting impression on the minds of your customers.

Vector Meets Pixel in One Harmonious Workflow

There is a harmonious fusion of vector meets pixel in Affinity Designer that puts other apps to shame. This helps you match technology with art and helps you get the right blend of both in equal proportions.

Accuracy is King

When you are making graphic designs, you want absolute accuracy and this can only be achieved by getting 100 % accuracy each time that is only provided by Affinity Designer.

One Million Percent Zoom

Affinity Designer provides you with perfect zoom effects that can be magnified a million times which gives you the perfect resolution for anything that you want to see. This is not available in other apps.

Advanced Grids
Advanced grid options will help you design better.

Advanced Grids

The advanced grids option of Affinity Designer helps you to get extended gridlines that can be used effectively if you so desire.

Precision Guides and Snapping

You can make use of precision tools when you want to take a screenshot. This will help you get exactly the image that you want to portray.

Split Screen and Outline Views

You can bifurcate your screen at the push of a button. You can also create a silhouette of what you want to portray with the outline views option.

Full Optimization

Affinity Designer can give you full optimization of all the existing tools that will help you get the perfect picture that you wish to showcase to the world.

Live Pixel Preview

Affinity Designer provides you with live pixel preview that can help you get the pixel setups before printing. You get the option of seeing it beforehand that is not available in other design tools.

Dynamic Symbols

You can make use of dynamic symbols that will help you show your brand icons in a more marketable way.

Designs That Respond

The artificial intelligence present in Affinity Designer helps you to make designs that respond.

Artboards with No Limits

With Affinity Designer, the world is your canvas and you can remove all limits while you are making your artistic masterpiece on this graphic tool.

Professional Output For Print

With Affinity Designer, you can create your own professional output for printing on paper, on your screen or in collaboration with your business associates.

CMYK and Spot Color

Affinity Designer provides you with the entire spectrum of the rainbow and does not leave out any shade making it perfect for spot color illustrations.

Slicing Things Up

You can slice things up and use them for different purposes like UI, web and design. This makes it versatile and effective for a large variety of purposes.

Slicing in Affinity Designer
Slicing works really well in Affinity Designer.


We can see that Affinity Designer has a lot of features and facilities that are not available in graphic software. This makes it extremely useful for a wide range of situations that can suit every need and requirement.

You can customize it effectively for creating exactly the image that you want. This makes it one of the best in the market as of now.

At only £48.99 and no recurring subscription costs, Affinity Designer is a great option.

Arijit was born and raised in Kolkata, the cultural capital of India . He has been passionate about writing and editing from early childhood. With more than 8 years of experience in the field of editing, he utilizes his knowledge in the field of digital marketing.
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