AmaSuite – The Toolkit for Amazon Affiliates and Sellers

AmaSuite is a large collection of training utilities and software that was designed for Amazon sellers and Amazon affiliates.

The software is now in its fourth iteration. Developed by Amazon experts Chris Guthrie and Dave Guindon, AmaSuite gives you everything you need to start making money through Amazon. It teaches you exactly what you need to do to earn through Amazon and then provides the tools for you to do it.

Twelve days ago I published a review of the Ultimate Azon WordPress theme for Amazon affiliates. Ultimate Azon helps you create small content websites for promoting Amazon products. AmaSuite does so much more.

It offers you many different applications and resources for researching your market, building your store, and becoming successful with Amazon. Both developers of AmaSuite are well known for their experience with Amazon, though I am more familiar with Chris Guthrie’s work as he has been blogging for many years about how he makes money through Amazon.

AmaSuite rightly lives up to its name of being the ultimate toolkit for Amazon sellers and affiliates.

Dave and Chris kindly granted me access to AmaSuite so that I may take a closer look at the package for you. I hope you enjoy the review :)

The AmaSuite Members Area

AmaSuite is currently in its fourth version. I never used AmaSuite in the past, though the vast number of products on offer suggests that additional items have been added regularly over the last few years.

AmaSuite Members Area
AmaSuite has a large private area for members, but it is easy to get around.

The members area is very easy to navigate. Everything can be found via the top drop-down menu. You will see categories such as software, training, and bonuses.

Azon Keyword Generator

Azon keyword generator is one of the four main pieces of software that is included in AmaSuite. All software is available for MAC and Windows. A series of video tutorials are available to help you get started. You can watch these directly on YouTube on AmaSuite’s YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can download the videos to your computer and watch them on any device you own (e.g. laptop, tablet, mobile etc).

The keyword generator allows you to extract thousands of keywords and keyword phrases from Amazon’s search engine. This will help immensely in your marketing endeavours.

Azon Keyword Generator
Azon Keyword Generator will help you optimise your website for search engines.

The keyword generator was the first piece of software I downloaded and therefore my first look at the interface AmaSuite uses for all its software.

At the top of the interface is a series of large buttons. From here you can quite the program, save your search as a project file, save as a text file or CSV file, and load files. There is also an information box, links to help videos, the member area, software updates, and the AmaSuite private Facebook group.

AmaSuite Keyword Generator
The keyword generator is very simple to use.

All you have to do is choose your Amazon website and then enter all the keywords and key phrases you want to search. Unfortunately, you can only choose or Hopefully a future version of the software will offer support for other Amazon stores.

When you have added your keywords, you hit the big green play button at the top of the interface to start the search. The software will then start listing the top keywords for your “Seed Keyword” term. For example, the top keyword for “Playstation 4” was “Playstation 4 1TB”.

Underneath the keyword area are buttons to copy to clipboard, paste to clipboard, and clear all keywords. Bizarrely, there is also a link to GoDaddy in this area. I am a little puzzled as to why a link to GoDaddy has been integrated directly into the software.

The instant search button allows you to search within the results that were generated and the clear button lets you clear all results.

Azon Top 100 Analyzer

The Azon top 100 analyzer script can extract the top 100 products from several important sections on Amazon. These are: Best Sellers, Top Rated, Hot New Releases, Movers and Shakers, Most Gifted, and Most Wished For.

Azon Top 100 Analyzer
The analyzer helps you find good products to promote.

The top navigation menu in the top 100 analyzer looks the same as the keyword generator, though there are a few small differences. There are options to save ASINs to file and to save to an interaction HTML file. You will also see links to the USA revenue calculator and UK revenue calculator.

Azon Top 100 Analyzer
The Azon top 100 analyzer displays a lot of information.

The Azon top 100 analyzer initially opens up as the same size as the keyword generator, however I recommend making the box wider so that you can see all seventeen columns.

To use the software, all you have to do is follow two simple steps. First you choose Amazon USA or Amazon UK and select your data source (e.g. best sellers, top rated, etc). Next, you can select your category and sub-category. You can search all main categories if you wish.

The data can be filtered by any column. There are additional filters available for each column too. For example, with sales price you can choose to only show results greater than 100 or greater than 200. These filters are necessary due to the large amounts of data that are provided when you do a search.

At the bottom of the interface is an option to download all ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers). There is also a preview button that generates a preview of the reports that can be downloaded. There are options to extract all data or selected data too.

Report Preview
The preview button helps you see the results you curated.

At the bottom right hand side of the interface there is an instant search button for searching within results, a button to clear all data and three filter buttons that allow you to save, add, and remove filters.

Azon Product Inspector

Another great tool for finding what products you should promote. The Azon product inspector extracts detailed information about products. All you have to do is choose a keyword and a category and it will start extracting all the information.

Azon Product Inspector
Azon Product Inspector helps you find top performing products.

The interface for the Azon product inspector looks very similar to the Azon top 100 analyzer. All the buttons in the top navigation menu and along the bottom of the interface are the same.

Azon Product Inspector
The Azon product inspector helps you see useful information about multiple products.

The software is very easy to use. All you need to do is choose your Amazon website, enter a search phrase, and then select your category. You can extract items based upon relevance, popularity, price (low to high), price (high to low), and average customer rating. You can also define a maximum number of pages.

Results include rank, product title, list price, savings, number of reviews, weight, and more. You can filter results and change the order that the data is displayed.

You can use these results to see important about information about products. This should help you find products. For example, it will help you find products within a given price range or find products that have a large number of positive reviews.

Azon Review Finder

Azon review finder can be used to find good people to review your products. Affiliates could also use it to locate top reviewers and and then promote products that have good reviews.

The software can be used to extract the top 10,000 reviewers in the USA and UK Amazon stores.

Azon Review Finder
Azon Review Finder can be used to find the best reviewers on Amazon.

Azon Review Finder is straight forward to use. You can select the top 1,000 reviewers or extract reviews per products.

It will display information such as the reviewer name (with a link to their profile), the number of reviews they have written, the number of helpful votes, and the helpful percentage. Personal information about the reviewer, such as their email address, website name, location, interests etc, is only displayed if you click on the “Extract more data” button.

Azon Review Finder
Azon Review Finder helps you find top reviewers.

The preview button is a quick and easy way to see the results that Azon Review Finder provides. You can use this report to find top reviewers if you do not want to download information to a text or CSV file.

Review Finder Report Preview
A visual preview of the data Azon Review Finder provides.

As always, at the bottom of the interface is an option to search within results, clear data, and modify filters.


The beauty of Amazon is that it has everything you need to start analysing a product. You do not even need to own the product in order to write a good review about it.

Revili can be used to analyse Amazon reviews. When you enter a product ASIN number, the software will extract all the reviews of the product. This helps you search through reviews more easily and what is good and bad about the product.

Revili helps you analyse products through customer reviews.

Unfortunately, I was not able to test Revili myself as the software costs an additional $47 and access was not provided with the membership the developers gave me for testing. However, you will find a lot of information about the product in the membership area.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the software has the same look and feel as other AmaSuite software.

Revili has a user-friendly interface.

The number of votes and rating of each review is displayed alongside the review itself. A preview button allows you to see reviews in full.

The included word analyser tool helps you see the words that are appearing with the most frequency. This helps you see whether reviews are generally positive or negative. For example, positive words such as good and great are more likely to be used in reviews where the customer liked the product.

A built-in “stop words” database ensures that common words such as a, and, the, of, all, etc, are not included in the results provided by the word analyser tool.

Amazon Affiliate Training Course

AmaSuite comes with two training courses. One focuses on making money as an Amazong affiliate and one focuses on making money on Amazon through selling products.

Amazon Affiliate Training Course
The affiliate training course teaches everything you need to know about making money as an affiliate.

The affiliate will show you how to choose products, how to develop an affiliate website, and how to market your website and gain traffic.

There are nine video modules; most of which are between 15 and 20 minutes long. You can watch the videos directly in the members area or download them to your computer. Useful links and resources are referenced on the training course page. For example, there is a useful list of products which can be used to build affiliate websites.

The training modules are:

  • An introduction to the AmaSuite software toolset
  • Module 1: How to research an Amazon niche
  • Module 2: How to set up An Amazon website
  • Module 3: Should you build niche or authority websites?
  • Module 4: Why Amazon review websites work the best
  • Module 5: How to write content for an Amazon website
  • Module 6: How to use AmaSync to cut down content creation times
  • Module 7: How to make money with Amazon websites
  • Module 8: How to get traffic to an Amazon website
  • Module 9: How to buy Amazon websites

As you would expect, the quality of these training videos is very high. The audio is clear and they explain how everything through the use of slideshows, screenshots, and screencasts.

While I have created Amazon content websites in the past, I quickly realised after watching some of these video modules that there is so much more to making money with Amazon. There are a lot of techniques that I have not taken advantage of and a lot of marketing tricks that could help me make more money as an affiliate.

Amazon Sellers Training Course

The sellers training course shows you how to make money through selling private label products. Everything is explained, from selling physical products to generating reviews and increasing sales.

Amazon Sellers Training Course
The Amazon sellers training course is a must for anyone who is looking to sell on Amazon.

The sellers training course contains ten modules. These are:

  • Module 1: How to sell physical products on Amazon
  • Module 2: How to pick a product to sell
  • Module 3: How to find a supplier
  • Module 4: How to get sales of your product on Amazon
  • Module 5: How to get reviews for your product on Amazon
  • Module 6: How to scale your Amazon business from one product to many
  • Module 7: Q&A Training Webinar Recorded In December 2014
  • Module 8: Q&A Training #2 Webinar Recorded In February 2015
  • Module 9: Q&A Training #3 Webinar Recorded In March 2015
  • Module 10: Q&A Training #4 Webinar Recorded In April 2015

The video modules above were recorded in the same high quality as the affiliate course. The course takes you through everything you need to start developing a business on Amazon and scaling it up.


AmaData is a service that is designed to help sellers. Ir provides you information on close to half a million products sold on Amazon. This helps you decide what to sell on Amazon.

The data is updated every month and there is a video tutorial that shows you how to use the data provided.

AmaData is a useful tool that Amazon sellers will love.

AmaSync WordPress Plugin

A WordPress plugin is available that can pull data from the Amazon API system and display the products with affiliate links on your website. It works with other AmaSuite products such as the Azon Top 100 Analayzer and Azon Product Inspector.

AmaSync WordPress Plugin
The AmaSync WordPress plugin can be used to create Amazon affiliate websites.

In order to use the plugin, you need to retrieve two access keys from the AWS account management page. This only takes a few seconds to do.

AmaSync Settings Area
A few basic settings are available for AmaSync.

Once you have added your connection details, you can select the data file to import and whether posts are imported as drafts or if they automatically published. You can also choose between Amazon USA and Amazon UK.

WordPress Training Video Course

A large video training course is provided as a bonus that contains a whopping 159 tutorial videos. The course is divided into seven modules.

WordPress Training Video Course
WordPress Training Video Course

The course is a great introduction to the WordPress platform, however it also gives users a great introduction to social media, blogging, and more.

The seven modules are:

  • Module 1: Web Marketing Introduction
  • Module 2: WordPress Introduction
  • Module 3: Advanced Blog / WordPress Tips
  • Module 4: Make Money Blogging
  • Module 5: SEO and Link Building
  • Module 6: RSS To Email (List Building)
  • Module 7: Social Networking

The course covers a lot of topics that experienced internet marketers will be familiar with, but beginners will appreciate everything the course offers. I imagine there are a lot of people out there who are looking to sell on Amazon who have never created a website so it’s a nice addition to the AmaSuite package.

Additional Bonuses and Discounts

A host of other miscellaneous bonuses can be found in the bonuses and discounts page.

Ten pre-loaded Amazon stores can be downloaded from this area. This includes a store focusing on headphones, magic tricks, and portable music players. The idea is that you simply upload these stores with your affiliate tag attached.

You will also find a case study that shows “How Mike From Maine made $1,435.98 from TWO simple videos” and WordPress plugins such as Easy Optin Pro, WP Like Pop, and WP Blur.

Additionally, there is a 10-page Amazon Tips companion study guide by Chris Guthrie, over 30 amazon “buy” buttons, and a lead generation WordPress theme called WP Local Deals.


Three different pricing options are available for AmaSuite. Each plan offers the exact same features. The only difference is that if you choose to purchase AmaSuite in instalments, you will end up paying more.

All plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee and access to a private Facebook group. The group is a good place for support and for connecting with fellow Amazon sellers and affiliates.

AmaSuite Pricing
Three pricing plans are available for AmaSuite.

The $297 plan is the best option. Paying $147 per year for three years means that your total cost will be $441 while paying $67 per month for nine months means your total cost is $603.

I appreciate that people who are low on cash may think the instalment plans are a better option for them, however when you are paying 50% to 100% extra for that privilege, it is not a great deal.

You would be better off getting a loan from a bank than paying in instalments or simply purchasing AmaSuite on your credit card and paying it up (though I strongly advise not getting into debt in order to purchase any internet marketing related product). The APR would be much lower than what you effectively pay by choosing to pay over a few months or few years.

Final Thoughts

AmaSuite is a large package that offers more than its price tag of $297 suggests. When you consider how much money AmaSuite could help you earn, it’s a bargain.

I downloaded the MAC version of the software and I was pleased with how easy it was to use and how quick it was to use the interface. The software interface can be expanded, however there is a minimum size that the box can be shrunk to. I did find, however, that I could display the four AmaSuite scripts I tested comfortably on my second monitor.

This is how I would use the software if I was doing research. I would work on my main monitor and keep the AmaSuite software running on my second monitor so that I could quickly find data I needed.

AmaSuite Software
A screenshot of four AmaSuite software being displayed on my second monitor.

All in all, I was incredibly impressed with AmaSuite. Although I have not used the software to research information for a new Amazon content website, I did spend a lot of time looking at what the software could do. I did not find any bugs or quirks during my testing.

The addition of large training courses and multiple bonuses makes AmaSuite even more attractive.

Of course, there were are a few things that I was disappointed with (there always is when I review products).

Firstly, I was disappointed to see that the software package is limited to the and marketplace. This does not affect me personally since I am based in the UK, however I have no doubt that people from other countries will be annoyed.

I am unsure as to why other stores are limited. Perhaps other Amazon stores limit the data that can be retrieved. Hopefully they will address this issue in the future and make the AmaSuite software range compatible with all Amazon stores.

Secondly, I believe that the Revili software should be included in the price of AmaSuite. I see no reason why this product is sold separately from the other reason. Including the software with AmaSuite will surely make the membership more appealing to customers and including the Revili software should increase sales to the point that it offsets any sales lost from selling separately.

Lastly, I feel that the developers of AmaSuite should add more documentation. They have done a fantastic job of adding useful video tutorials for every piece of software included in an AmaSuite membership, however text documentation is limited.

Their frequently asked questions page only answers a few simple questions about whether the software works on MAC or Windows and their knowledge base only has ten questions. I do appreciate that support is provided directly via support tickets and via the private AmaSuite Facebook group, however I do still think that more documentation would make it easier for new customers to get started.

None of the above points are deal breakers since AmaSuite gives you pretty much everything it promises and much more. It offers a fantastic software package to help you do vital research, it gives you a detailed training course to help you learn how to make money as an affiliate or as a seller, and it provides a range of tools and resources to help you build your first Amazon website.

I highly recommend checking AmaSuite out if you are looking to make money through Amazon. I have yet to find any other Amazon product that offers so many research tools and training resources.

Good luck.

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