Azoogle send apology and reactivate my account

Last week I wrote about how annoyed I was that Azoogle wanted me to sign up for a third time as my account had been locked (due to inactivity). As I explained in my post last week, it seemed that they wanted me to do that because they couldn't be bothered with the hassle of reactivating my account themselves.

I'm not sure if they saw my post here (I doubt it) or if the person in the helpdesk spoke to their manager about my account but I was very surprised and pleased to receive an email from an Azoogle Affiliate Manager today apologising for the support I have received so far.

The affiliate manager explained that since I opened my account (in 2006) they have changed a lot of their sign up requirements so they made the decision to make older affiliates who weren't active sign up again. I can kind of understand this process as it undoubtedly saves them a lot of time though I do think that they should reactivate an account right away if an affiliate requests it.

That being said, I need to give some kudos to them for contacting me and reactivating my account. I value customer support a lot so I am pleased that my initial view of their support team seems to be wide of the mark; and hopefully I can make some good money through them.

Someone from their affiliate team also spoke to me on msn for 30 minutes explaining what they do, how they support affiliates and advice on what offers to target etc. I might test out some of their offers and build some mini sites around them. Could be a few months until traffic comes in and I can see what is converting well; then I can optimise the site.

Anyway, glad I can try Azoogle out now as most of the top affiliates use them :)