Classic Fast Show Clips

Growing up one of my favourite shows was Harry Enfield in lads. Later Paul Whitehouse, one of the stars of the Harry Enfield show, was involved in a classic sketch show called The Fast Show. Some of the sketches missed the mark but there were loads of fantastic clips too.

Here are some of my favourites. I've missed out some popular characters as I couldn't find some good clips of them on youtube. I'm sure you'll enjoy the ones I have listed though :)

Didn't mean to say that!

The Long Big Punch Up

Competitive Dad Playing Cricket

Johnny Depps Appearance

Billy Bleach -1- Fruit machines

Billy Bleach -2- Lottery Numbers

Billy Bleach -3- Loose Change

Billy Bleach 4 Relationship Advice

Indecisive Dave

Animation Today

Colin Hunt

Unlucky Alf

Fat Sweaty Coppers Drug Bust

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