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Primer – The Smartest Time Travel Film Ever Made

I love films that make you think after you have watched them. Films that have you thinking about them for days after (I’m not talking about M. Night Shyamalan films which have an obvious twist at the end). One of my favourite films over the last ten years is an …


Suspending Disbelief for “This is 40”

I love going to the cinema. Always have, always will. I can tolerate films on the big screen that I wouldn’t bother with at home. Average films are better when you are sitting with crap loads of popcorn in front of a big screen. We went to the cinema a …


Video Game Companies Need To Stop Adding Restrictions to Games

In my opinion, the SNES is probably the greatest gaming console ever created. One of the first games I purchased for the system was the city-building simulation Sim City. There’s been many versions created over the years. One of my favourites was Sim City 2000. Electronic Arts (EA) recently released …


Eminems Recovery

I’m am Eminem fan so I’ve been looking forward to the release of his new album. I’ve still not made my mind up about his new single ‘Not Afraid’ though I’m sure the album will be good. Here’s why you need to buy this album :)

Predator 3 being released this summer

Over the last few days I have watched all the films in the Alien series: Alien 1-4 and Aliens vs Predator 1 and 2. In my opinion the firm film Alien remains the best in the series, with Alien Resurrection (Alien 4) a close second. Though, despite the mixed reviews, …


This man needs a drumset!

I came across this video on youtube of a street drummer. I’m surprised this guy isn’t in a band!

Jack & Victor vs Boaby

Some classic clips between Jack and Victor and Boaby from Still Game, probably the last decent comedy to come out of Scotland.

Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman

I watched an abscure film tonight by David Dobkin called Clay Pigeons. This was the Wedding Crashers directors first film. I was reading about the film was it’s a real low budget affair but it was produced by Ridley Scott and starred Vince Vaughan and Joaquin Phoenix. So I was …


Modern Warfare 2 Mythbusters

My fellow Modern Warfare 2 junkies will enjoy this :) Episode 1: Episode 2: